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Off Season for Size, 100 Reps Assistance Work at What Percentage?

I’m just curious as to % wise what I’m suppose to use for my 100 rep- push downs and face pulls?

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I might have missed it somewhere, but I’m pretty sure that those are not percentage based. I think it is more important to pick a challenging weight that you can handle for the challenge.

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I didn’t miss it. It’s in the book and written in plain English.

Is this serious?

% of what, your 1RM face pull?


He’ll reel in a few with this one.

You should be using joker percentages for 100 rep face pulls and push downs. So first you would 5/3/1 your face pulls and push downs (supersetted of course), then do 100 reps at 105%, 110% and 115% etc of your TM. duh…

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This is all explained in the Beyond book - there is no %.

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First off if your training for size why not do boring but big? As well use your brain… training maxes are for main lifts only not face pulls.

Majoring in the minors anyone?

Thanks guys I realize that was really Dumb now, my bad thanks for the ridicule.

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Lol thats what i thought if you want soze your npt doing a 100 of anything.maybe pushups after u rep275 for 5 lol