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Off Season For Mass 351 PL template


I'm switching up to the off season for mass template from the powerlifting book. Training in my home gym that is getting better equipped all the time. Deadlift day has main lift, good mornings, rows, leg curls and ab wheel. I don't have access to a leg curl machine so what would be a good substitute?

I'm thinking stiff leg deadlift from a deficit, they seem to hit my hamstrings well. And also for squat day I don't have a leg press or glute ham raise ( I want to purchase a GHR in the near future though). I was thinking replace leg press with front squats but I'm not sure what to do in place of the GHR. I could also just drop the GHR until I pick one up. Any incite would be helpful.




Inverted leg curls on floor, straight leg deadlifts, leg curls with a ball, leg curls with the ab wheel (if you have that attachment), etc

GHR is primary a hamstring exercise....front squat is primary is quad exercise.... So not sure what you are asking or are you missing basic exercise knowledge?!


I'm replacing the leg press with front squats. Just asking what a good substitute is for the GHR


He said replace leg press with front squat....


If you have a decline bench, lay the opposite way, hold a DB between your feet & curl it up. I prefer these to my gyms leg curl machine as it's....well.....shit.


My bad.

All of those mentioned above then.


I'll give that a try.

I just found a nice used plate loaded leg curl machine for a good price. I'll probably pick it up tomorrow. So I'll just replace the GHR with stiff leg or RDL's and I think I'm good.


Pull throughs with bands - underused and underrated in my opinion. Dimmels have turned around my squat and deads. Also underused and underrated.


Also its not clear if I should be running 531 or 351 template for the main lift. I was setting it up 351 but I'm starting to think I should switch it to 531 so I don't have two heavy weeks in a row( week 3 531 then up the weights and do the next week at 3x3). I'm planning to deload every 2 cycles.


If you plan correctly and efficiently, this will never happen. I don't train you personally so it's impossible for me to tell you what to do - you trust in your own methods so all you have to do is manipulate them.


I was actually wondering the same thing as him. How would you run 3/5/1 if you are only deloading every 2 cycles? Would you not use singles on the second 3s week? Would you use singles on back to back weeks? Would you not use 3/5/1 if you are only deloading every 2 cycles?


And there was me thinking it was pretty simple to follow..


The point with 3/5/1 is to hit heavy singles every other week. There's no heavy singles in the Mass template.


I'm not wondering about the mass template. I'm just wondering about 3/5/1 with singles. 2 cycles in a row without a deload would mean 2 weeks in a row with singles.


5/3/1 for Powerlifting was written before the 6 week cycle and uses the old 4 week cycle:





Glad this came up, should we be using the 6 week cycle as standard now (including routines from the first book) ?


You should use whatever you believe is best.