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Off-Season Football Program


Hello all..was hoping you could suggest an off-season strength/size program for a friend of mine.

He's 6'2, 225lbs, plays defensive tackle and needs to gain size and strength. Was told by future coach most guys in his position are around 250lb. He's naturally muscular with a large frame. Holds fat around abdomen. Fairly new to lifting.

Eating bwx18 w/ 1-1.5g Protein/lb of bw, .5gfat/lb of bw and the rest carbs.

Thank you for any and all suggestions...


I'd recommend "Westside for Skinny Bastards 3" by Joe Defranco.

Very comprehensive, covers all the bases. Still adaptable to individual needs.

Don't let the "Skinny Bastards" name shy your DT away... it's a good program for bigger guys too. 6'2" 225 for a DT is kinda skinny though.


Here is a link to his site...


You'll find many posts regarding WSFSB in the Strength Sports Forum.


Damn and I thought that I was average at 6'2" 210 as a DT/DE. Every other O line really sucks I suppose because I have no problem knocking down 300 lb linemen and either sacking the QB or pressuring him into throwing early. Oh well I have until next fall to get bigger.


Most high school DTs are about 220 from what I've seen. 250 is actually decent size for the position in high school and a good size to shoot for.


Here are the numbers and stats (#52-#79) from an Ohio HS football team. 6' and 225 would certainly be a smallish DT on this team. This is a small school, but they have and outstanding team.

52-TE/LB SR 229 5-11

53-OL/DL SR 221 6-0

54-OL/DL JR 266 6-3

55-OL/DL SR 210 5-9

56-OL/DL SO 287 6-2

57-OL/DL SO 170 5-6

58-OL/DL JR 218 5-9

59-OL/DL SO 267 5-11

60-OL/DL SR 195 5-8

61-OL/DL SO 280 6-1

62-OL/DL JR 191 6-2

63-OL/DL SR 261 6-1

64-OL/DL SO 188 5-9

65-OL/DL JR 223 6-0

66-OL/DL SR 265 6-1

67-OL/DL JR 241 6-1

68-OL/DL SR 240 6-1

69-OL/DL SO 240 5-10

70-OL/DL SO 301 6-6

71-OL/DL JR 209 5-9

72-OL/DL JR 241 6-4

73-OL/DL JR 260 5-10

74-OL/DL SR 215 5-7

75-OL/DL SR 310 6-1

76-OL/DL SR 295 5-11

77-OL/DL SR 245 6-1

78-OL/DL JR 294 6-1

79-OL/DL JR 305 6-1

Can you be be effective or even more at 6' 225? Absolutely, a lot of kids are. But in my experience, it is on the small side for linemen in Ohio HS football.