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Off Season Football, Leg Training


Hi. I am planning my off-season football workout and I have a question on leg training.

Right now I plan on doing

squats (ass-to-grass)
clean and jerks

and their variations during the week.

Do you ladies and gents think I would be hurting myself by not including direct hamstring exercises like straight-leg deadlifts or good mornings?


I think I would find somewhere to put in some reverse hypers or ghr.


I would probably include glute-hams and / or reverse hypers as Auxillary Exercises.


This is the WSSB set-up from Joe DeFranco, which is mainly used to train footballers. hope it helps:

Max effort lift: choose from squat, box squat or deadlift.

Single leg lift: Choose from step-ups, split squat variations or lunges.

Posterior chain lift: Choose from good morning, SLDL and cable pull-through.

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I'd say clean pull instead of dead lift if you're training for football.


depending on your position you should sprint quite a bit as well.

Also, do some lateral leg work (abbducturs, adducturs...) training those will help against groin pulls as well as add power to your lateral movements as you learn to recruit more motor units.

or something like that.


Depends on what your position is. Remember that you will get hamstring work when doing deadlifts and squats. However, I feel like direct hamstring work is a must for anyone playing a speed position. However, I definitly think deadlifts are a crucial ingredient. I would not eliminate them from your program.


Train Heavy in what you mentioned, but remeber gear it twords football.




Thanks for the replies. I asked this question b/c there is not much left in the tank after squats, dl's, pc's, or snatches. My workouts were looking like this:

6x6 big compound lift four/week
5x10 horizontal push twice/week
5x10 horizontal pull chest twice/week
5x10 vertical push twice/week
5x10 vertical pull twice/week
4x9 biceps once/week
4x9 triceps once/week
2x12 hams twice/week
3x12 core four/week

The volume feels like too much for 4x/week. I'd rather add a day, than cut direct hamstring work if the big lifts aren't going to be adequate for my hamstrings. If adding a day still feels like too much, I'll trim the volume somewhere.

I feel like a kid in a toy store when I am planning a workout. I want to do everything, but then reality sets in!


As a fellow football player, I would definitely include some GHR, and perhaps some Romanian Deadlifts into your workout somewhere. No matter what your position on the field, strength of the hamstrings is important. It helps with speed, if you're one of those guys that runs a lot, and if you're a lineman (O-or-D, where us men play) strong hammies definitely help with explosive power, and foot speed. Hope this helps. Good luck in your off-season.