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Off Season Diet


what do you think about my off season diet

meal 1 8:00
whey protein
olive oil
fish oil

meal 2 pre and intra workout 11:00
3 servings Plazma
1 serving Mag-10

meal 3 post workout 12:30
3 servings Plazma
1 serving Mag-10

meal 4 1:30
fish oil

meal 5 5:30
whey protein
fish oil
coconut oil

meal 6 9:30
olive oil
fish oil


Looks a little light on whole foods. And not much early in the day. For an offseason meal program I’d try to get another meal in earlier in the day in addition to what you already have.



Read up on Plazma.

Search for nutrition articles on this site and actually read them.

learn what a vegetable is.

Apart from that, just no.


[quote]gilmarpersonal wrote:
what do you think about my off season diet[/quote]
What’s your current height, weight, fat level, and goal? You’re “offseason” from what sport? Competitive bodybuilding? Powerlifting? Volleyball?

I’m 99% sure you’re using Plazma and MAG-10 wrong, which sucks because you’re just wasting product and money. You don’t need Plazma post workout, you don’t need MAG-10 on top of Plazma at the same time, and I’m guessing you don’t need a total of 6 serving of Plazma per workout since that’s more than some 250-pound professional bodybuilders use.

You listed food and times, but no amounts. Like, if you’re eating two eggs at a time, that’s kinda different than eating six at a time. Or if Meal 4 is two chicken fingers and 5 cups of pasta, that’s worth noting.

So, yeah, can’t offer much help because there are a lot of blanks to be filled. But to end on a positive note, you’re having a lot of fish oil and that’s pretty much always a good thing.


i’ll cosign that, can’t argue with fish… or chicken for that matter, or eggs, rice, veggies… makin me hungry here. Coconut oils my favorite, use that sht for everything.


haha this
needs more vegetables OP. You wanna poo right?

but srsly, anything is fine as long as it fits your macros and you’re getting in all your micronutrients (take a multi everyday)