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Off-Season Contest


Now this is something I'd like to see. Save bodybuilders the hassle of dieting down, losing some size, gaining it back and then some in the offseason and doing it all over again.

Imagine a show where it was about pure mass, about being the largest, most muscular motherfucker on stage, bodyfat be screwed.


Damn Yates was a big mutha.



holy shit stu. wtf is wrong with ur avatar hahahahaha its huge. at least now i cam see ur ridiculous striations hahahaha


hahaha whoops not anymore ^^^ but it was like ten times the size bigger than the dorian pic im even more impressed :wink:


Then people like him would win


Sick and funny at the same time!


Dorian yates, definitely on of the best. i think the other guy is named Marcos Chacon.




Check out jean-Pierre Fux in the off season, insane!!!




this will be you in your thirties.


Fux is pretty well known for being one lifter who broke his knees while squatting during a photo shoot. That immediately destroyed his professional bodybuilding career and also happened to give a great photo of how much something like that hurts.


I dont know man, I think sick is too light a word in my book!


Not anymore. What happened????


Is this a serious question? he obviously quit lifting and eating like he used to. He is still in good shape but he changed his priorities. After you win the Olympia I am thinking you get a free pass to do whatever the hell you want with your body afterwards with no loss of respect.

Lee Priest himself has admitted he will get fat as hell when he finally retires.


I guess change of lifestyle due to retirement, just a guess though.


Hmm..I thought this whole thing was a lifestyle.


I've always loved this off-season Priest pic.


Those arms are beyond insane


How videos like this become viral is incredible to me....