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off season basketball program

What does everybody think of this for an off-season basketball program.

med ball overhead toss- 2x5
on box jump- 3x5
squat- Max strength block
step up- 3x8
split squat- 2x15
glute ham raise- 4x5
high rep db snatch- 1 to 3 sets of 20 for each arm

med ball chest pass- 2x5
med ball shot put- 2x5
incline bench press- max strength block
chest supported row- 4x8
lying db ext- 4x8
lateral raise- 2x10
abs- 10 sets of choice

lots of shooting
Sprint technique work- stuff like high knees and butt kicks, working on stride length

med ball overhead toss- 2x5
depth jump- 2x10
power snatch- 4x3
box squat- 45-50%1RM
good morning- 4x5
reverse hyper- 2x10
high rep dumbell snatch- 1-3 sets of 20, each arm

med ball chest pass- 2x5
med ball squat push- 2x5
speed bench- 8x3- 45-50%1RM
chin up- 4x8
dips- 3x10
read delt raise- 2x10
ab work- 10 sets of choice

lots of shooting
short sprints- 10 to 50 yards
agility work

As the season gets closer you could switch to 3 or even 2 days a week of weight lifting and adding longer sprints like 400 meters like Christians program. I would also recommend u do shooting as a warmup everyday you train. And keep your hands quick so your feet dont get to fast for your hands, i found doing speed bag work between sets fot the lower body really helps.

Make it a 3 day instead of a 4 day split with a day off in between each workout. It’s neurally demanding, heavy and most would have a hard time gaining with such volume. I do like what you have designed however.