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off of 4-AD

Just a quick question - is there really any greater benefit to using the same “coming off” supplements when using 4-AD as when using Mag-10, namely Tribex and M? Given the difference in potency and action between the two, I am considering doing 3 weeks on the 4-AD and skipping the Tribex and M (maybe just using Vitex); is this wise? Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks…


I’m thinking about doing a longer cycle (probably 12 weeks) of 4 ad-ec and was also wondering the same thing about recovery agents. I’m sure this issue has been addressed before, but the search engine for the forum doesn’t seem to be working so if anyone can help us out, your replies will be appreciated. thanks


well the general consensus seems to be that 4-AD is not as supressive of your natural hormones as other prohormones/steroids such as the A1E in mag10. as for 3 weeks on the 4-AD i would say you are pretty safe with coming off cold turkey, but if you have the vitex and want to inculde it, it definitely would not hurt. as for Nic, who mentioned 12 weeks of continuous 4-AD-EC, i do not have any experience in being on for that long, but i have heard some people say they have come off just fine, and other people say that it is in fact supressive. i would say that you should probably use more precautions when on a 12 week cycle, however.

Nic, I was on 4-ad-ec for 6 weeks and had no trouble coming off and actually gained pounds in the week after and have noticed no drop in hormonal levels.

thanks for the replies. i think i’m gonna go with 1 bottle of tribex and 1 bottle of M post-cycle just to be on the safe side. also, what do you guys think about doing ian king’s 12 weeks to superstrength (upper body) and 12 week limping series while on the 4-ad. is this too conservative given that it will only be 4 workouts a week and not too high of volume. i know with mag-10 the recommended workout volume is much higher (as in GS part 2). thanks