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Off Nebido Due to Corona. Self-Administer or Quit TRT?

Hi Folks, new to the forum and need some sold help /advise. So I’m over in Ireland and in dublin we only have nebido in private clinics as such. to cut a long story my doc rang me over 2 weeks ago to tell me he can’t administer my 9 weekly shot due to the lock down, he in-turn prescribed me gels to get me through the next few months. of course the gels made me go crazy and shot my e2 up. had to stop quickly, as just couldn’t take them . so off gels and now at 11 weeks from last nebido shot. i do have have the vial and could self administer , but this lockdown has got me thinking nebido. it has made me go a bit mad with up and downs . first 2 weeks i’m let a horny teenager and then mood swings kick in and out for 6 -7 weeks. i’ve talked with someone and they have recommended self admin once a week a .5 ml for 8 weeks to keep blood levels stable , the other option is just to quit completely. i’ve been on this nebido muck for 3 years and maybe my test levels where fine in the first place. i start taking it for stress and anxiety, but never did a blood test with my private doc. it worked at first but have had more problems with it then not. so i could quite cold turkey as maybe my levels that were good in the first place- and they would come back a bit quicker compared to someone with low t prior to trt. i defo have crashed today, but i don’t feel bad as a matter of fact i have strong libido and better orgasm then when on trt. strange the way my libido is good at week 11? my hard on’s are not as good but no problem down under. i just feel sluggish! im 45 btw. so to cut a long story shot i could self admin once a week to avoid total crash or i could quit keeping . not sure what to do ?? advise would be great .


Starting any course of treatment like TRT without bloodwork is stupid. How do you know the gels shot your E2 way up? I’m guessing there’s no bloodwork there either. Testosterone is not a stress med, it;s a hormone you use to correct a medical deficiency. You’d be best served to stop and get some bloodwork done in about two months.

i know stupid. but in ireland the doc suggested i met the critea of low t due to a questionnare called the adams test. look i know it may have been stupid but what u telling me is just to quick cold turkey.
at week 11 im ok maybe it will come back quick hard to know . when u suffer from anxiety you will try anything .

You already did quit cold turkey if you don’t take the next shot. It’s a sort of gradual taper naturally, and comes down to how fast natural production does or does not kick in. It is common in certain lifting communities to do a “PCT” to effect a restart more quickly, but not absolutely necessary.

cheers mate . this is really good info. the next few days should be interesting . how come my libido is good at week 11 . maybe the nebido still in my system.

I’m guessing it’s not. I have no blood tests to know your case, but by your description I would guess you matabolize it quicker than advertised,

strange that u say that cause i normally feel the shit in my system after 2 or 3 days after first shot. i did get my bloods done before after 4 weeks and i was at 31 which is high i presume for nebido. normally feel great at first and then weird ,

Nebido is one of those things that I cannot believe (1) exists, and (2) is prescribed by actual doctors who went to actual medical schools. It boggles the mind.


so it’s been nearly a week since i first posted in here about me probably stupidly taken nebido for nearly 3 years. it’s been now 12 weeks since my last injection, and i’m well over the mark as i normally get it at ever 9 weeks. i decided to quite this shit cold turkey and not self administer. one of the lads here did mention pct is sometimes not necessary,today i did notice my balls seem to be a bit fuller and when i ejaculate and it feels as if my balls are doing some work . don’t get me wrong im a bit glum today, but feel better as the nebido was making me edgy. is the fact my balls getting fuller and dropping a good sign considering i was due a shot 3 weeks ago. i’ve been supplementing with DIM and tongkat ali. this seems to help with libido as it comes and goes. also my nuts last night had strange dull sensation . not like when i first starter trt as that was an ache. this was a dull sensation - am i correct they could be trying to grow back ? any comments would be helpful as i really want to do this cold turkey , i actually don’t feel to bad , i just feel a little glum but ibn good spirits as TRT was never for me in the first place.


You’ll probably be fine. It just takes a little time and we all are a bitt ADD about things these days.

yep we all a bit mad these days, still this lockdown has me determined to quit trt. strange shit i’m going through at the moment cold turkey, last night i felt like a woman and very down . zero libido but and just no life in me, this morning i’m not to bad, i’m not buzzing like i would be in trt but in no way feel like a woman. i presume the fact that i have to wait for my balls to reboot i do have some testosterone in the morning / afternoon but come evening it down very low. i presume this is a good sign as i’ve obviously have some in the morning etc.maybe estrogen creeps up in the evening.

Nebido is terrible terrible choice. Better find some way to get a proper ester, just make sure you are getting what you expect in this product.

gonna continue on with cold turkey vonko . the way i look at it is i was probably a fast metaboilzer of nebido, so it’s been out of my system for weeks. i don’t feel too bad this afternoon . just a little bit unmotivated as working from home. actually had this mad urge to masturbate earlier . i’m presuming this is good as when on trt my iibido was all over the place. trt made me very horny sometimes but in a weird way . lets put it this way without being explicit my 10 mins earlier was more natural compared to crazy intermittent hornyness of trt. hard to know? but i’m presuming my test is not crazy bad after stopping if i’ve have a natural urge to look at p*rnhub . mind you i have being supplementing with tong kat ali since stopping trt. tongkat ali is a natural suppressor of estrogen and good for free T - all science based . ill probably tank again this evening as test levels generally go down in the evening

hey hardartey, you gave me some solid advise a few weeks ago . it’s been 14 weeks now since i got a nebido jab. decided a few week ago this trt not for me. i’m still going cold turkey and TBH i have good days and bad days. some days i feel like i’m 70 years old and a bit emotional and others i’m perfectly fine. also, my libido is gradually lowering but some days i’m ok. did notice today my balls have like dropped and fuller. i’ve no libido today but that doesn’t bother me too much. i also have like a dull ache as if they trying to work. in your opinion is the fact they dropping and getting back to a somewhat nornal size a good sign? i’ve gotten through 1 month of cold turkey and not sure if im over the worst of it?? will get bloods done when lockdown over (maybe 2 months)

Yes, that sounds like you are restarted/restarting. It just takes a while sometimes, not everyone is good to go after 4 weeks and it might take a little time to feel right even after everything is “back to normal”. Easier to say it than live it though.

cheers mate

just reporting back in ,as somebody one day might find it useful what i’ve been going through after quitting nebido cold turkey. so it’s been 2 months since my last injection . honestly i feel more stable off the stuff. i think the stuff was whacking my estrogen up anyway. last month i went through days of feeling horrible . some days good some days bad, lets just say i felt like watching julia roberts movies for no reason with all the emotions. Somedays my libido was nowhere and crap erections. Since i was going cold turkey i decided to supplement DIM , vitamin D and tongkat ali. bizarrely i think it maybe working as my balls are nearly back to full size (evenings not morning). i’m gettting near full loads (semen ) - i never got this on trt . Also, my libido is better then when on TRT. Full crazy hard on in the morning and not so in the evening(normal maybe)… yes i put on weight -maybe 6 kilos but we in lockdown after all. went back training last night and guess i’m not as half as strong (of course) and sore… but hey i;m thinking maybe i can get back to decent shape soon with good diet and continued compound training. my point is after 2 months my libido is much better off trt. yes i’m probably less strong and more tired in the morning , but again we in lock down so hard to know plus stresses of life blah blah. will leave it for another month to get my bloods tested but wouldn’t be surprised if my test level are near the 20’s?? i’m presuming this as my libido is better than ever?? hard to know and i’m sure ill find out over the next few weeks and via training 3 times a week. anyway just thought i’d let ppl know you can recover quickly with out hcg and clomid . i’m 47 btw . maybe my test levels where fine before taking trt nearly 3 years ago. but by god i’m glad i’m off nebido. absolute muck!! btw if you can get decent tongkat ali i would highly recommended for PCT and anythng in between. reduces cortisol and increases free testerone naturally plus libido eff11ects. brilliant herb all round. even have my mrs on it as her hormones are out of whack!