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Off Low Carb Diet, Next?

I have been dieting for weight loss since september. Different diet methods…and I think I have been at it long enough. I plan to finish things off in the next 2-3 weeks and take a 3 week break from dieting and training. Then focus on mass gain for a year.

Any suggestions on what to do next and how to eat during my break period? Calorie intake and breakdown?

Thanks guys…

no one…?

You didn’t say too much about yourself, how fat you are/were and how low cal your current diet is.

The best advice is probably to go slow when making changes. Like add in some carbs post workout and see how your body adapts. Also your metabolism is probably pretty slow right now, so if you dump in a shitload of calories a lot might go to fat.


I’m guessing it would be best if you went through the articles by Berardi, which you probably have already, and picked something that met your goals.

If you post something a bit more specific based on that, people are more likely to have comments on it. Otherwise you are asking them to do your homework for you, so to speak… ?

Slowly increase your calories from what you are at during the end of your diet to whatever you need for bulking. Go up about 50 calories a day or 250 a week. This will slowly increase your metabolism and will help you not put on too much fat immediately.

More info about your weight, height, training experience, etc. is needed if you want to know how many calories you should be eating.

Weight…163 on the diet without waterweight I would guess…

Last time I had a BF check (3 weeks ago) it was 14.6% but I am not sure how accurate that test was, I was told to hold a device that would measure the precentage for me.

Training…there hasn’t been much I am fairly new. I think i have been at it for 2 years…the dieting Ive done for 6 months now, first using the mutation series then the beast evolves program both by Christian T…

Near the end of the diet, last 2 weeks I was eating around 1800-1900 calories, 260gs of protein, 150gs of carbs, 55gs of fats. Earlier in the month it was 130gs of carbs, i brought it up to 160 by the last week.

I was fairly fat before, 6 months ago I was at 186…

current height is 5,8, age 19…

overall experience, I did lose flab and I think I put on some mass in the process too. I followed both programs as closely as possible so I did the full body workouts.

hope that helps u…help me more :slight_smile: But i will search the berardi articles again…