Off Gear 7 Months, Testicular Atrophy. Bloodwork Results

Hi my name is adrian I’m 46
I’ve been on and of the gear since 17
I recently went to the dr for aching balls he has said I have testicular atrophy and done a blood test (hormone)and also booked me in for a ultrasound sound in July
My test levels were 18.0 nmol/l
My serum sex hormone binding globulin lv was 69 nmol/l
My serum albumin level was 41 g/l

This test was done at 4pm
I real drained and have trouble sleeping

I’ve not been on the gear for 7months
And have had aching balls for 9 months
No sex drive either
Is there any thing wrong with these figures

We need more information, preferably with lab ranges. Random numbers are meaningless because labs have different ranges and they can be dramatically different. What’s your LH?

Sorry not sure What
you mean Lh

Serum testosterone (xe2dr) 18.0 nmol/L (8.2 - 29.1
Serum sex hormone binding globulin level (44cd.) 69 nmol/L (10.0.-70.0)
Serum albumin level (xe2ea) 41 g/L (34.0-50.0)

LH is luteinizing hormone.

That was not on there
This is what was tested
Urea and electrolyte
Liver function
Bone profile
Serum c
Reative protein level
Full blood count
Plasma glucose level

What country was this test done in? You’re missing like half of the information you would need to be able to make an informed guess about your symptoms.

So you’ve been on and off gear for 29 years and you don’t know what LH means? Come on man

Yes mate on and of why would I know?

England NHS

Oh and I’ve never had a blood test before this was my first one

You are maybe the most irresponsible steroid user that’s ever come on here. I’m genuinely shocked that you can make it through your day without accidentally lighting yourself on fire. How is it possible to be 46, run steroids for more than half your life, and have no idea what you’re doing? You’d think you would have learned something simply by accident over the last three decades. How is it possible to be so utterly checked out??

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I Never had any issues that’s why

Serum sex hormone binding globulin level (44cd.) 69 nmol/L (10.0.-70.0)
This reading is all I really wanted to know a testosterone looks good

You should probably just get your nuts clipped off and continue cycling.

Problems solved

I can assure you that you absolutely have had issues. Just because you didn’t notice them immediately (or yet) does not mean they weren’t (aren’t) there. There is a ~0% chance that you’re internally healthy in the way you would have been had you spent the last three decades acting like a grownup.

At this point your SHBG is so high that it’s eating up your testosterone and leaving you with much less to be used productively. And you need to know your LH number because that’s going to help explain the testicular atrophy.

Thanks that is all I needed to know

No dude, it really isn’t. You need to get an ultrasound of your heart and see how bad it is. You’ve got to have some serious LVH (google it) and probably some other structural abnormalities. If you listen to nothing else you should listen to this. Seriously.

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I appreciate this really , I wouldn’t of Come here and posted this If all is well .
As I’ve said my ultra sound is booked but not on my heart only my balls
And I did have an feeling the testosterone was not being utilised .

Your LH is going to be low. It’s obviously not nonexistent, but it’ll be low. That has to be part of the atrophy issue. If the ultrasound doesn’t reveal anything then that’s the next thing to examine. Doctor might even put you on a lower dose of HCG if necessary.