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Off for Three Years...

I was in pretty heavy for about four years and at my best I was 6’4" 218lbs of lean muscle. A barometer would be that I was DB flat pressing 120lb dumbbells…

I just started getting back into the game and I was curious how long is reasonable to get back into comprable shape…I realize it is a general question but perhaps there is someone out there with similar stats/experience

This is the wrong forum for this post.

I was off a similar amount of time.

After 3 months of being smart and I was as strong as i was before.

I still have 20lbs to gain. But haven’t really been training for it. I like doing 1-5 reps at really heavy weight right now. That might change in time.

But yeah 3-5 months and you should be fine, all else being equal.

1 year, 5 months 4 days and 6hrs.


If you train smart and hard you can get back 95% of your stength suprisingly fast.

How tall are you now? (Height’s a tough one to get back.)

I am 6’4 240 now…I was 6’4 218 in my prime

[quote]dopp16 wrote:
I am 6’4 240 now…I was 6’4 218 in my prime[/quote]

No one can answer your question. It all depends on you: How much can you put into your training sessions? How clean can you eat? How much can you train? How much effort are you willing to put in to reach your goal? etc.