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OFF Days


How many of you take a COMPLETE day off from training. I like to take atleast one day a week where I don't do a darn thing. Nada, zilch, nothing. Does everyone else do the same?


Just one? I don't remember the last time I was training six days a week. Maybe the first few months of training. I usually get at least two off per week, and even three.


My "off" days are Sat and Sun. I can't sit still. It makes me feel like shit. Besides, I'm a weekend warrior, and I love stay active. I use the weekends for fun activities like biking, volleyball, swimming, etc.


Did it yesterday and did it Tuesday.

I have to have at least one off day a week; a day where I do absolutely nothing but sit on my fat ass, drink beer and scare the neighborhood children. Gotta have hobbies other than lifting weights, you know.


Today is that day for me........although I fight the urge to go to the gym and at least do sprints or cardio......Sat is my day off because we do Quad dom. legs on Fri night......this is the only thing that keeps me out of the gym on Sat. I set this day aside to spend time with my kids and do what they want. This might change as winter arrives and we aren't as active.....they love the childcare at the gym and the pool is open to them from 3-5 on Sat.


I feel that everyday should include some form of physical activity.

Ive noticed that totally slouched days take me back.



Yeah, I do the same. Sometimes two ... depends on work and how i feel.

Although sometimes I get very antsy (sp?) when I take a day off ... I love the gym.

Tony - How do you structure your diet on the day off? Could you either post or PM an example? I'm in the race to 200 with ya ... 5'11" 190 today at the gym.




I do 2 or 3 days a week like that. I feel like I can work harder on the days that I am in there that way.


Every other day is an off day.

I much prefer this routine, more rested and better able to put out on workout days. Day on / day off, repeat, 8 days before I hit an exercise again.
Day 1 squats / hams
Day 3 chest / biceps / calves
Day 5 deadlift / triceps
Day 7 shoulders / upper back
Even days off
I like to keep deads and squats as far apart from one another, too fatigued otherwise.


I think at least one per week is necessary and to be expected. When everything is tuned in for me, I average one to two complete off days each week.


heck yeah bro, I always take Sunday off, and I try to do as little as possible, but it isnt easy, as I end up getting antsy, and going for a bike ride or something.


At least 1 which is generally Friday, I am often travelling that day so it works out pretty well.


Sundays and Wednesdays. I do nothing. If I do anything on these days, it is practicing my kata for Karate.


heh, depends on the week during off-season. If I feel I need it I take a day off, in-season I usually take the day before and after matches off (a little stretching after games maybe). I play rugby btw.


Are you talking about cardio too? I usually take a day off every once in a while where all I do is just lay around the house and be lazy.


yes, it's a very very important day!!!




Tony G-

It, really all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. And what do really mean by a day off. When I was Bodybuilding I lifted 5 days in a row and rested on sat,sun. Now, I am lifting 3 days a week and taking of 2 days in between. But, in the in between off days I am still playing tennis, biking and/or doing other related activity. I am just not training w/ weights. And I think its more enjoyable lifting the way I lift now. Before, it felt too much like work :wink:.

In Health,

Silas C.


It really depends on what programming I'm doing. Right now it's just two. I wish I had the energy to go the entire week, because on my days off I have all this energy built up.
My body is used to being under pressure, so when it's at rest it doesn't know what to do.


Just for the record, Patricia's off days are not planned. She's just lazy.