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off days

I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice for what to do on off days. I usually rest all day but i feel i could incorporate some extra work on off days. I follow the chest&back,legs,off,arms,off,repeat. I train heavy and Im in good shape, and im 18. I know that westside drag sleds on off days, but i have no sled and nowhere to drag it. Is there any thing along those lines that you guys could recommend i do on off days or just any good advice. Thanks , Phil
this site is awesome

Non-weighted GPP movements (jumping jacks, shuffle splits, burpees, etc.). Medicine Ball throws - pick up a 10lb ball and through it with a variety of styles. Weighted GPP movements like wheelbarrow stroll, farmers walk, sandbag carry. Hi rep, low weight movements to facilitate recovery and blood flow. Running/walking in shallow water and through in a little swimming. Getting in the pool has been wonderful for my recovery. Just some ideas.

On Off-days I choose to do many different things. I am mostly for what I have come to call mobility enchancing activities. I do this because I found that just working out (weights, aerobic exercise and yoga) made me feel heavy. So now on off days I Rock Climb, run Par Courses, play volley ball, take a kick boxing class. Basically anything that requires movement in many directions.
Hope this helps.

What are off days?