Off days -- Turning into an Obsession ?

Hello gang. Been feeling like this for a while. I have 2 off days a week, usually Wednesday and saturday. On my off days, i will probabbly eat a little less than normal, and maybe have a few cans of beer (as my stomach isnt full of protien shake or food, so it dosnt make me feel sick).The problem i am having, is the day after my off day i always feel really bad, and just cant wait for the day to end, so that i can get to the gym and work out. Its Guilt i know, but its not as though i am even over eating on the off days, just the few cans of larger. Am i being silly, and just accept the fact that i NEED these off days for my body to catch up? On my training days i do train hard, usually about 90 minute sessions. Sorry to post this, and i do feel a bit silly. Also can i have a few suggestions to weather i should eat more/less on my off days, and weather i should up my carbs/fats/protien on my off days. Thanks in advance. Paul Govier

Maybe it’s the fact that you’re having a few lagers during your off days and they are affecting your training days. Remember, it only takes one beer to lower your testosterone levels for about 24 hours afterward. You may want to ease off the beer and save it for a once-a-week or once-a-month thing in order to keep your T-levels up. As for eating, it’s a good idea to eat a little less on your off days if you are trying to maintain or lose weight. If you’re gaining, then feel free to keep the eating up. Don Alessi and a few others have talked about this in past issues of T-mag. Check out some previous “Iron Dog” columns for info.

A few beers on my off day help me make it throught the other days of the week eating clean. I used to feel the same way when i would “splerge.” Just remember even though you may not be average, you are still human. Having fun is not suppose to involve regrets. (unless you wake up next to someone that looks like Robin Leech.) Eat clean – train hard – have fun. Personally I don’t think it would all be worth if I did not unwind every once and awhile.

I wouldn’t worry paul. I think we all feel like that from time to time. it’s a hobby like anything else. some people have hobbies that can do everyday , unofortunately we dont. try and find something else to do on the off days that will take your mind of it other than drinking. but i know how you feel. should be at the gym right now and i feel like such a slacker. but the fact is that my legs havent recovered enough as far as i’m concerned for my next workout.

personaly I think you may need to take a few more days off. sometimes when I train for long periods without taking multiple days off I feel exactly the same way. usually I wait until my body is tweekin to get back in, im usually good to go for a while on my normal schedule. Just a thought. P.S. stay away from the beer. do a couple do anything for it to be worth it? TO each his own. :slight_smile:

try to use those feelings as fuel for your workouts. on my off days i usually drop my carb intake down and keep my protein intake up where it usually is. just what works for me. goodluck