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Off Days and HFT

Hey Coach T,
I’ve been reading and loving your work for years, you’ve had an amazing influence on my game and most of the programs I do were designed by you. So, first and foremost, thank you.

I am currently doing a great program you designed in your article “War Room Strategies for Destroying Fat”, which is great because while it is based on PHA (awesome) you still allow for heavy lifting days, which really suits my needs.

My question for you is based on a lot of reading I have done about HFT, specifically I have had some great results using the “50 pullups a day” practice, as well as trying to cram pushups and dips in as much as possible. It’s worked so well for me I’ve tended to turn up my nose at rest days.

However, you raised a good point in the above article about glycogen depletion if you don’t give your muscles proper rest, which really made sense to me. So I thought I would ask you: if I’m doing the War Room Heavy Lifting/PHA program you designed, is there still room for me to slam pullups, pushups, and/or dips on my off days? If so, is there a specific parameter that I can follow to keep from ruining my rest (only a hundred pushups, HSS-100 style, etc.?)

Anyway, thanks again for the great help and great guidance,