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Off Cycle SERMs and AI


Have people tried taking serms and ais off cycle? If the proper balance is found where estrogen is kept low, but not too low, could off cycle ai use be helpful? Which PED would be best for this? Nolva, or clomid, or an ai like letro or exemestane?

How would you cycle serm or AI use? Is one month on one month off okay? If AIs are used, how would the AI be tapered?


I try and stay away from using serms as much as I can, as I don't like their side effects... However I understand you can get a little temporary boost in T production using a serm or when using an AI, but it is all self-limiting as your body will readjust itself while you are on... And yah, you should consider slowly tapering off an AI as it can lead to a 'rebound' in estrogen related sides in your body

Hell if you are trying to increase your natural test production just stick to tribulus et al... as really once you start playing with serms and ai's you are not considered 'natural' anymore by any sport, so why not just do the REAL stuff ie. roids ... if you are timid just do var or tbol by itself... you'll get better results, and less side effects imo.


I used to take SERM when before I used steroids to minimize my gynecomastia, and yes you get a little shitty boost, comparable to Pro-hormones.


I was just on cycle. I gained 30lbs and lost ~5-10lbs of bodyfat on test/tren (measured 2 weeks after the cycle while not on anything). I have some gyno from that cycle. The idea is to lower estrogen more than to boost testosterone.


Don't know about trib terr doing much for you test levels....maybe trib alatus?

OP - Some good "et al" options: DAA, resveratrol (maybe), nettle root (if dosed correctly), phosphatidylserine can lower cortisol with the added bonus of a "bit" more test.

Hope this helps.....


If you have Gyno, I'm afraid you have Gyno.

Using a SERM will minimize the Gyno, more so than an AI, but thats all, you want rid of it then its surgery I'm afraid dude.