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Off Cycle Gains


If I can get my hands on some Test, Adex, and Nolva then I am going to do a cycle. My mind is made up, it has been for the last year. I just have had a real tough time getting a hold of the stuff.

What I am really curious about is...Those of you who consistently do 2+ cycles a year, do you still make significant gains in muscle or strength while off cycle? Do you get stuck in the mind frame that you are just waiting till your next cycle to get past plateaus?

The reason I ask is that at the age of 26 I still make progress consistently. I never hit a plateau for more than a week. I am going to take AAS, but I am worried that if I do, that I will just be waiting till my next cycle to make progress.

Any feedback would be great.



Rob, I have to comment on this because YES. I have had this experience.
I have great gains when my Natural Test Levels return. I personally break it down on a timeline like so:

On Cycle - Great Gains (Obviously)
During PCT - Using longer Esters so gains do continue though they tend to taper off a bit
As PCT comes to an end - Gains tend to diminish
As Natural Levels Return - I personally get about 60% of gains I would normally get on cycle

The key in my opinion is to train harder and harder when off cycle. Get a good pre-workout supp and train in hormone releasing lifts like squats, deads, bent over rows, bench press, pull ups etc… All Compound movements.

I generally break out with a little bit of bacne when my natural levels have returned, it’s my tell tale sign.

Hope this helps!


Good question. I am a couple of years older, but decided to cycle right before my 25th birthday.

I BELIEVE the reality of the situation is that there is a chance you can ‘lose’ the ability to make gains on your own naturally, but I have found this generally happens with a.) people who are 35+ years of age and/or b.) people who cycle for long/longer amounts of time and/or c.) people using massive amounts of gear.

My own experience has been I am able to gain naturally after I have come off, done PCT and am fully recovered.

The gains just come slower then when on cycle, of course…

Look at it like this (for me).

On cycle my 10 rep set will go up by 30lbs (seemingly over night=2-3 weeks) and my visual ‘growth’ (increased size, vascularity) is enhanced and more noticeable more quickly.

Off cycle, my 10 rep max goes down a bit, but not to where it was prior to gear.

It can be a bit of a slope, and a slippery one at that if YOU ALLOW IT TO BE or it happens by way of neglect/lack of knowledge.

Some times you look better weeks after you finish injecting/ingesting anabolic steroids in comparison to how you looked whilst on.


After my first cycle just about a year ago, I did an 8 week test prop, dbol cycle. I made incredible gains while I was on cycle and just didn’t make the a whole lot of movement in my weight room numbers after I was off. I also dislocated my shoulder shortly after i finished my cycle which screwed everything up for a while. When I recovered my numbers jumped up pretty close to where i had been when I finished my cycle, maybe 15 - 20lbs less on all my maxes. Towards the end of last summer I did a test prop/tren ace/tbol cycle which ended up lasting ten weeks. After this cycle my lifting frequency and intensity dropped quite a bit because i was in the middle of a season. But i literally maintained all of my gains from that cycle. I lost a small amount of weight mostly due to the frequency of running and training less, but when I got back into the gym and hittin it hard again. it was as if i had just come off my last cycle which was 3 months earlier. I don’t know why this was, but i’m definitely in love with tren because of it.


I appreciate hearing your guys point of view, it is really good to hear some other perspective.

I have one buddy that loses all motivation and just goes through the motions while he is off cycle, so I was just curious. But that is more likely lack of mental discipline then anything else.

Hopefully some more “user’s” chime in.