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Off Cycle. Blood Work Results

Does anyone have some advice for me because other than just waiting I am at a loss[/quote]

My advice - it takes time. I have been here - low levels after a cycle - I did recover and it was back to levels prior to cycle - BUT it took me around 8-9 months if I remember. Not 8-9 months to feel normal (prob around 4) - but 5-9 months to regain prior levels.

An extended PCT with SERMS will help - as will a proven product such as D-asp acid (I used for 4-5 months to get me back to “normal”

Looking at your results - lowish LH - I would use the SERM to keep these high for a good period (5-6 weeks) and retest. Hopefully you will be back on your way - if not repost your test results and go from there