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Off/Between Cycle Nutrition

Need some advice on nutrition/supplements while currently “off” a training cycle, or being unable to workout for say 1-3 weeks. What would be best to take during that “off” period so you lose the least amount of muscle/strength? Creatine/Glutamine, protein powder, and multi-vitamin good? I weigh around 185-188, should you also drop carb intake and increase protein intake or just drop both slightly?

Mack, you can give the creatine a break during your 1-3 weeks off. It’s only of benefit if you’re lifting.

  • Eat protein every meal; 1.25g x LBM

  • Meet fat requirements; .4g x LBM

  • Raise/lower carb intake to maintain scale weight. Start with 1.25g x LBM and adjust from there.

Actually, allow yourself to lose a pound or two per week if you cut out the creatine. Whatever you lose in water weight from cutting out creatine, you’ll put back on as soon as you start working out again.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!