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Off-Beat Workout Music


Hey all, we've got Rap threads, Rock threads, Heavy metal threads, let's try an off-beat music to workout to thread. The definitions are a little loose I guess. Here's some stuff I've worked out to in the past that wouldn't readily fall under the aforementioned genres:

From A. R. Rahman:

Some Christian dance from Andy Hunter:

Hevia (Spanish Bagpipe player):

That's all I have in my head right now. What's "off beat" that you've worked out to?


DJ Promo - Pavo Hardstyle

the lyrics are pretty interesting

Spank Rock - Loose (contains boobies)

Peaches - Fuck the Pain Away

Spank Rock - Shake it til My Dick Turn Racist (Live)

i dont know if this stuff qualifies

i only worked out to the first song before.


i read the title to this thread too fast.

i read it as "beatoff workout music"


i was gonna say: "how big are your wrists?!?!?" lol

sorry, nothing pertaining to the needed content in my post. lol


It counts, some catchy beats there.


Sometimes when I'm deadlifting, nothing can beat Ride of the Valkyries


Also a big fan of the Chantays - Pipeline to get focused


Electric Six- Dance Commander

Electric Six- Danger High voltage

I think that counts as off beat...


A band called 'Ra'...duality may be their best album. They just released Black Sun and it seems promising. They're kind of mellow rock I guess...

Their best jam from duality is probably 'taken', other than the 'everything little thing she does is magic' cover, but here's another good one. I couldn't find taken on youtube.

Good song from Black Sun.



Orange Sky off beat if you count reggae metal

Yesterday and Tomorrows


Scorpion cover - Is There Anybody There

Rogues Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, and Chanteys
Listed so many because each is so different and yes I do lift to this cd
Sting - Blood Red Roses

Richard Thompson - Mingulay Boat Song

John C. Reilly - Fathom The Bowl

Louden Wainwright III - Good Ship Venus

Gavin Friday - Baltimore Whores

Old School Punk just because no one else I know listens to it
Dead Kennedys - Too Drunk To Fuck


Dubstep (style of electronica)

Goth-Trad - Space Walk

Goth-Trad - Back to Chill