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Off Androgel, on HCG as Monotherapy


Hi all, I was hoping that you all could shed some light on my situation. Here is my latest blood test while on 10g of Androgel daily:

TT: 448 ng/dl (241-827 ng/dL)
E2: 44 pg/mL (13-54 pg/mL)
LH: 1.4 mIU/mL (1.5-9.3)
FSH: 1.2 mIU/mL (1.6-8.0)

I was happy about the TT level - that's the highest I've ever seen it. When I questioned my E2 levels as 'high' and he said not to worry as they are in range.

I had been on 10g of androgel daily for the past three years as prescribed by my PCP. Me and the wife want to start a family so I decided to see an acclaimed endocrinologist/androlgist who specializes in fertility stuff. He is a huge proponent of hcg. I stopped taking androgel ten days ago and five days ago I started on hcg 1000iu/3x week. From what I understand the high dosage is to kick start my system. I am scheduled to have follow up blood work in about a month. I'm assuming that my dosage will be adjusted down then.

Will my E2 levels naturally go down as a result of NOT using androgel or should I begin an AI regimen? Does hcg at this amount aromatase into estradial? Should I just wait and see the results of my next blood test before doing anything?

It's been only 5 days since I started and I do have to say that I am more focused and my mood is elevated. Unfortunately, my libido is still very low. No morning wood at all. (I am getting over a little flu bug which may be playing into this also).

Other notes: I take 4000iu of D3 daily along with a mega-multivitamin and ZMA.

Any thoughts, advice, recommendations?


so have you read any of the stickies to understand that 44 estradiol was bad?

not sure about the 3000iu weekly hcg treatment. I haven't really come across that as an option. most people don't seem to do that well on hcg only treatment plans, but that is just what I've picked up from message boards.


I know that having a 44 is bad - believe me I know. I've been a long time lurker reading as much as I can and trying to digest it all. I've read the stickies. I've discussed what I've learned here with my docs.

I'm equating my high E2 to the fact that I was a on a high dosage of androgel. Since I'm not on androgel anymore, will my E2 level naturally go down or should I help it down with an AI?

The hcg monotherapy is only temporary (until we have a successful pregnancy) - then we'll discuss the various options of alternative therapies.


not necessarily. what was your E2 before you started treatment? some people have high E2 and low T when not on Androgel or any treatment option.

could Androgel cause high E2? yes. Did it for you? no way to really know without before, after, and during blood tests.

could your E2 drop now? yes. Could they rise because of the HCG? yes. only way to know is to monitor your symptoms and get a new blood test in a couple of months.