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Of Value? Walkouts, MiniSquats, Negatives?

I’ve been adding heavy walkouts on squat day as part of my training. I like them and see the value in them.

Additionally, with weight I can bear but not squat, I’ve been doing ‘almost quarter squats’, just lowering the weight from the rack to the lowest hook in the squat rack (maybe 8"-10"), reset, and move it back up— just to start priming my body for the weight.

I guess my question does anyone do or has anyone done just squat negatives-- ie bearing the weight down to the bottom of the squat (without the upward portion)?

In my case, the bottom of the rack is only a couple inches lower than just below parallel at the bottom.

Any pros/cons to this?

Just for something to add every so often? Sure.

I think they’re good for starter and finisher type stuff, but I wouldn’t invest too much of a workout into these things. I especially think heavy walkouts and quarter squats are good confidence builders.

for confidence builders, reverse band squats might be a good choice. I only have a squat in the ~300 range, but I can triple 405 with green bands in this set-up. At the top you feel most of the weight on you.