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Of Eating and Sleeping


I've moved to eating every 1.5-2.5 hours (normally right on 2 hour intervals). Throwing back 7-9 meals/snacks a day, depending on my sleep time. Following JB's 10 healthy habits over 90% of the time isn't that difficult if you're eating 42-63 meals a week. By eating more frequently, a single messed up meal goes from having a 2.4% negative impact to a 1.6% impact on weekly feedings.

Messing up a meal now costs less in the one week outlook. Funny part is, doing this for about two months now, it's pretty wild how easy it is to keep doing.

I freakin lurve this shit.

Progress kicks ass!

Anyways, when I'm not eating, I'm sleeping. I think this is way under rated. The last week I've been eating 9 and 10 meals a day. Yes, I'm not sleeping enough, it sucks. But I'm surprisingly not completely zonked out from this large amount of undersleep.

Anyone ever notice anything like this? I'm starting to think that food and sleep mesh together hand in hand in the big picture of things.

Speaking of which, I need to eat and get to sleep.


eating + sleeping = recovery
Too little of one or the other, and you just aren't gonna make the progress that you should.


I think it's real easy to not eat enough once you have been working out seriously for a while.

Hey, speaking of which, I should be eating right about now!


I've personally been struggling to determine how many calories work best for me over the past few months. I've been focussed on building muscle while controlling and even reducing some body fat, and the calories in/calories out balance has been very elusive.

It's also not helped by my deeply ingrained, somewhat-but-not-entirely female specific fear of overeating and getting fat. I'm pretty sure that undereating (especially since my workouts were becoming progressively higher volume) was a big part of why I hit a wall a few weeks back, and was forced to take a recovery week earlier than I'd anticipated.

SO much of working out, AND recovering is about making mental adjustments. I've played around with meal timing, macronutrients, learning whether microcycle calories or macrocycle calories matter more, carb/calorie cycling, etc.

The big change I've made in since hitting that wall is that I've started eating more; mainly clean protein. Seems to be working. Who'da thunk it? :wink:


eating + sleeping + Sex (David Barr, anabolic index) = active recovery

G, May "sugar plums" dance in your head... errr. or.. LOL

-Get Lifted


What do you mean by clean protein? Shakes? Fish? Thanks.

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A couple of questions, First what is the ratio of protein, carbs and fat?
And how old are you?


What is the ratio of carbs, proteins and fat?


Whey powder without artificial sweetener, organic egg whites, lean beef... anything that's relatively unprocessed and not filled with added ingredients. I just meant that my calorie increase is mainly unprocessed protein, as opposed to carbs, or junk food, or fat.