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Of Eagles and Chickens


Of Eagles and Chickens

We Americans are a mix of birds,

Some soarers, others grounders;

And from their strong, enduring words,

More Eagles were among our Founders.

But different birds this domain share,

Some soaring, some just clucking;

While Eagles soar, patrol the air;

Penned Chickens wait for plucking.

Eagles have sharp, raptor eyes,

Not so in birds fear stricken;

An Eagle fights to own his skies,

Not so the hen-housed Chicken.

Feckless fowl, they placidly peck,

Flocking to their foolish fate,

Flashing blade on feathered neck,

Must they always learn too late?

That�??s why we use the very word

To taunt those who won�??t fight;

A Chicken is some fear-filled bird,

Whose fear provokes his plight.

Frightened fowl will surrender all,

Hoping for a peaceful ending,

Unmindful that their heads may fall,

Blind to bright blades descending.

But Eagles being bolder birds,

Seek our enemies in their lair,

Screaming Eagles, forgoing words,

Strike with deadly talons there.

Proud raptors who together fight

Know something Chickens never will,

Love of country and birthright,

A rara avis grounder skill.

The anti-war capons of Answer

And hysterical hens of Code Pink,

Let bird flu turn into fowl cancer,

And their pen is beginning to stink.

As they flock to the Mall in September

To disgrace and dishonor their nation

It would behoove them to remember

Watchful Eagles are on station.

Russ Vaughn

101st Airborne Division

Vietnam 65-66


A poet warrior...hardly.

I love when humans are likened to random animals.

The only thing better than posting this "poem" would to have posted John Ashcroft doing a "heart wrenching" rendition of "Let the Eagles Soar."


Eagle or chicken, both have bird brains.


No parrots or magpies?



Here another one.

" To set the cause above reknown,
To love the game beyond the price,
To honor while you strike him down,
The foe that comes with fearless eyes;
To count the life of battle good
And dear the land that gave you birth,
And dearer yet the brother hood
That binds the brave of all the earth "

  -Sir Henry Newbolt


Bush wasn't defending America when he launched pre-emptive strikes on Iraq. The war was based on lies. Iraq posed no real threat to us, certainly less of a threat than North Korea, China, Pakistan, and other countries we have diplomatic relations with.

How about an ode to the glorious Republican Chickenhawks? It's easy to support the war when it's somebody else's sons doing the fighting.


Does that apply to liberal Democrats who call for military intervention in Darfur?


That was a good poem, not in the sense of being pro-war, but in showing the distinction, through metaphor, between those of the herd, and those of the keener minds and eyes among us.




There are many herds. It is good to belong somewhere but we don't have to follow blindly the group-think mentality that goes along with the herd.

The metaphors were cheesy and patronizing.


What, specifically, in your opinion, makes something cheesy? What was patronizing?

Maybe your mind is too 'sophisticated' to translate simple metaphors. Maybe your heart is too blackened and occluded to be stirred.


Yeah, I am a cynic; however, I am moved by many things. I find poetry to be really hard to relate in written form. It should be performed live. I am moved ostly by rhythm, harmony and melody.