Of All the Programs and Diets in Your Books, Which is Best for Me?

Which would best for me? 58yo, 5’10” 227lbs, calipers say 14% but likely 18%. 50” chest, 18” arms. Have done several of Mentzers plans before with success and currently on a HIT style program lifting 2-4 days a week depending on my recuperation. Had to take a little time off after hitting my PR goal of 650x2 plate loaded vertical machine bench.
Really want to maintain strength and size but lose the stomach. I have access to home gym and a serious commercial gym. I manage a company that also has a restaurant so can eat whatever necessary. We mainly eat chicken/veg at night at home.image

I just have to say I sure hope I look like that at your age. Well done! Looking forward to seeing Dr Darden’s reply.

I believe you’d do well on my Killing Fat program. The detailed diet and exercise plan is available on Amazon.

Thanks much Dr. Darden. I’m on it!!!

Dr. Darden

Since I need to drop about 15 to 20 pounds…5ft 7, 203 pounds, wear size 34 pants…should I stay on your killing fat program or your new 30-10-30 program

The, dan

Killing Fat would be best for you, too.

Thank you sir…will do

I’m an idiot. Ought that book awhile back and something shiny must have distracted me! I’m reviewing and planning now, will advise as to progress. Thanks again Dr. Darden.

Dr. Darden…since I will be continuing with the killing fat program…should I be taking my sets to failure as described in your killing fat book? Or have you revised your position as in your new ebook?

Thanks in advance, dan


Do the Killing Fat program in the same manner as the new 30-10-30. In other words, don’t go to failure.

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Started Killing Fat program today after friends visiting and having. ‘Jameson Weekend’. First workout was tougher than expected. I’ll not report every workout but will post periodically to keep on track and mention anything notable.
Will track weight daily and bf% weekly but in those case, only report in 6-week increments.

Wow… I’d have to get down below 150 lbs (at 5’5") to fit into 34" pants.