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OEP or Need2Slin ???

Ok, so I’ve been lifting regularly for a few years now. I’m 5’10" and 195lbs. with a little bit more midsection fat than I’d like. Over the past year I’ve been on a new workout routine which focuses on the big compound lifts (see below) and I’ve made great gains over this past winter bulk, now it’s time to lean out and show off those muscles. My diet is pretty decent consisting of high protein and whole grains, 3 main meals with 3 small meals inbetween.

I’m now looking to add something to my stack to aid in my leaning out. I’d like to keep my mass (and possibly keep adding to that mass, I know I know). This has me looking at fat burners as well as nutrient partitioners. I’ve used OEP as well as Animal Cuts in the past, with OEP giving me better results. I’ve also used Animal M-Stak on both a bulk and w/ Cuts during a cut with decent results. I did try USP’s Anabolic Pump with disastrous results, I was on the toilet constantly, so much so that I thought something was seriously wrong and I went to the Dr.

It even continued for almost 2 weeks after I immediately stopped the AP, never again! Now I’d like to try whatever is best and most proven, which brings me to OEP and Need2Slin, which although not well-known seems to get good reviews. Is there a better nutrient partitioner???

Has anyone tried Need2Slin or can recommend a better nutrient partitioner?
What would be my best plan of action to add to my current stack (below)? OEP, Need2Slin, or both or something better? How about Indigo 3G? Is it ok to add a fat burner and nutrient partitioner together?

My main concern with any supplements is the fact that I’m an NYPD Police Officer and because of recent events over the past few years the department has become very strict on supplements. An interim order came down a couple years ago listing specific banned supplements & compounds and also states “Any products that claim to increase testosterone or suppress estrogen”. We are subject to random drug tests but I am unsure of how much they test for ‘steroids’. Basically they are very ill-informed when it comes to supplements, whoever makes up these orders has very little knowledge of specific supplements & compounds. Either way, it’s what I have to deal with and be careful for.

This also brings me to natural test boosters. Would some thing like ZMA, or mixed natural test boosters such as MP Battle Fuel XT or something similar cause me to show positive on any testing I may be subject to?

I try to stick to proven, well known and trustworthy brands and supplements as you’ll see below.

Here’s my current stack:
-Orange Triad
-Orange Omega fish oil
-ON Whey
-ON Casein
-Universal Shock Therapy
-Universal Torrent

My current routine:

I try to lift as heavy as I can while keeping good form and adding weight week by week. I’ve started running 3 times a week with my dog now that the weather has finally broke here in NY.

-Squat - 12, 3x5 reps
-BB Curl - 15, 10, 8, 6, 4
-Arnold DB Curl - 3x8 reps
-Close Grip Bench Press - 12, 3x8 reps
-Cable push down - 3x10 reps
-Leg raisers from flat bench

-Flat Bench Press - 12, 8, 3x5 reps
-Incline DB Fly - 3x8 reps
-Standing BB Shoulder Press - 12, 3x5 reps
-Deadlift - 12, 3x5 reps
-Chin up - 3x8 reps
-Hanging leg raisers

-Squat - 12, 3x5 reps
-DB Hammer Curl - 12, 3x8 reps
-DB Concentration Curl - 3x8 reps
-Weighted Dip- 12, 3x8 reps
-Cable overhead extension - 3x10 reps
-Leg raisers from flat bench

-Flat Bench Press - 12, 8, 3x5 reps (or depending how I feel, incline DB press)
-DB pull over- 3x10 reps
-Standing DB Shoulder Press - 12, 3x8 reps
-Deadlift - 12, 3x5 reps
-Pull up - 3x8 reps
-Hanging leg raisers