Odorless Fish Oil Caps?

Is there any such thing? I’ve taken fish caps before, but whenever I take three of more I get those gawd-awful fish burps about an hour later. Not too cool when sitting in a meeting. Anyway around this? And I have tried drinking lots of water. If not, are there any particluar brands that seem to smell less than others? Thanks for any replies. - Tyler

I have noticed the flavored Dale Alexander’s brand by twinlab doesn’t produce these fishy burps but the product also contains Vitamins A and D so you have to be careful about taking too much. Other then that I have been using the sam’s club brand and have noticed a variation bottle to bottle. I bought 3 bottles and finished one the other day. I have a lot of trouble swallowing pills so most everything I take I either just chew up or have to cut in 1/2. Since this is not an option with fish oil caps I just pop 4 or 5 and chew them up. (Don’t try this with vitamin C it will eat holes in your teeth) With the first bottle I barely tasted any fish and never had any burps afterward. I started the 2nd bottle and these definitely taste different then the 1st and give me fish burps as long as 16 hours after a dose. Go figure.

If you’re not already, always take your fish caps before you eat, never after. Also, some have suggested to take them all at night before a pre-bed protein shake. That way if you burp, you’ll be asleep anyway.

In addition to what paul said, keep your fish caps in the fridge. For some reason, it helps.

GNC makes an odorless brand, though it is almost double the regular brand. however, no nasty fish burps (usually).

I like Coromega, they have a powder and other cool delicacies (sp). Check the web for more info.

Yes, as Paul said, I have mentioned this earlier. There is no reason to spread your fish caps out throughout the day, just consume them with your prebedtime shake and you have a nice P + F meal…and no fish burps.

Fisol from Natures Way is enteric coated so that it does not release until the basic environment in the small intestine which will eliminate any fish burps. I like Kelly notice a lot of variation in the fish oil from Sam’s Club as far as sometimes I have fishy burps and sometimes I don’t. That makes me question the quality of them especially since they are so inexpensive. When I took the Omega-3 concentrate from Twinlab I had strong fish burps every time but they cost about 4X as much.