Odin's 4-Day Split

figured id throw my shit up here, see if i can get some good feedback. my info: 23 years old, 5’10" 185 lbs. when i do my super sets, i do 45 seconds between. If I just do 1 lift, i rest 90 seconds. some super sets i dont rest.

i eat about 4000 calories a day. 35-40% Fat/30% Protein/Carb Vary by day as i am doing carb cycling.

im sure i am missing something, but its 2am here so im dragging ass. please criticize!! i know my legs/back are terribly weak. ive had chronic back issues for several year now.

Monday - Legs
Tuesday - Chest/Triceps
Wednesday - OFF
Thursday - Back/Biceps
Friday - Shoulders
Sat and Sun - OFF

Monday 6/8/09
A1 Front Squat (4x6-8) 4x8@155
A2 Good Morning (4x6-8) 4x8@135
B Leg Press (3x8-10) 3x10@360
C1 Leg Curl (3x12-15) 3x15@60
C2 Leg Ext (3x12-15) 3x15@100
Calves (30/20/10 set of Seated, Standing, and Tibia Raises)

Tuesday 6/9/09
A1 Flat BB Bench (4x6-8) 3x6@195, 1x5@205
A2 Chins (4x6-8) 4x6@BW+25
B1 Incline DB Press (3x8-10) 10-9-8@55’s
B2 BB Curl (3x8-10) 10-9-8@80
C1 DB Flies (3x12-15) 3x13@30’s
C2 Hammer Curl (3x12-15) 3x12@25’s
D1 Supinated Wrist Curl (2x15-20) 2x15@75
D2 Pronated Wrist Curl (2x15-20) 2x15@30

Thursday 6/11/09
Deadlift (3x6-8) 3x6@285
Dips (3x6-8) 3x7@BW+60
C1 Pull ups (3x8-10) 3x10@BW+10
C2 Skull Crushers (3x8-10) 3x10@70
D1 Bent Over Row (3x8-10) 3x10@135
D2 Rope Extension (3x8-12) 3x12@#13

Friday 6/12/09
A Military Press (4x6-8) 4x7@115
B Arnold Press (3x8-10) 3x8@45’s
C1 Lateral Raise (2x12-15) 2x15@15’s
C2 External Rotations (2x12-15) 2x15@8’s
C3 Face Pull (2x12-15)
D1 Wide Grip Shrugs (3x8-10) 10-9-8@225
D2 Close Grip Shrugs (3x8-10) 10-9-8@225
D3 Haney Shrugs (3x8-10) 10-9-8@225

Monday 6/15
A1 Front Squat (4x6-8) 4x8@155
A2 Good Morning (4x6-8)4x8@115
B Leg Press (3x8-10) 3x8@410
C1 Leg Ext (3x12-15 3x13@130
C2 Leg Curl (3x12-15) 3x13@70
Calves Superset 30/20/10

Tuesday 6/16
A Flat BB Bench (4x6-8) 7-6-6-7@205
B Incl DB Bench (3x8-10) 3x10@55’s
C DB Flies (3x12-15) 3x12@30’s
D1 Barbell Curl (3x8-10) didnt write down, max i could lift to get 8-10 reps
D2 Seated DB Curl (3x8-10) ditto
D3 Hammer Curl (3x8-10) ditto
D4 Concentration Curl (3x8-10) ditto
On biceps, did them all straight in a row with no rest
Supinated Wrist Curl (3x15-20) 3x20@75
Pronated Wrist Curl (3x15-20) 3x20@30

Monday 6/22
A1 Front Squat (4x6-8) 8-8-7-6@165
A2 Good Morning (4x6-8) 4x8@115
B Leg Press (3x8-10) 3x8@450
C1 Leg Ext (3x12-15) 3x12@110
C2 Leg Curl (3x12-15) 15-14-13@70
Calves 30/20/10

Tuesday 6-23
BB Bench (4x6-8) 8-8-6-6@205
Incl DB Bench (3x8-10) 10-9-8@60’s
Machine Flies (3x12-15) 15-14-13@150
BB Curl
Seated DB Curl
Lying Cable Curl
1 Arm Barbell Curl
Didnt do forearms this day

Thursday 6-25
Deadlift (4x6-8) 3x6@275
B1 Bent Over BB Row (3x8-10) 3x9@135
B2 Pull Ups (3x8-10) 10-9-8@BTRICEP SUPERSET WITH NO REST… MAX WEIGHT AT 8-10REPS 3x8-10
A1 Close Grip Bench
A2 Dips
A3 Decl DB Extensions
A4 Sitting French Press

Friday 6-26
A Military Press (4x6-8) 4x8@115
B Arnold Prss (3x8-10) 3x8@ 45’s
C1 Lateral Raise (2x12-15) 2x15@15’s
C2 External Rotation (2x12-15) 2x15@10’s
C3 Face PUll (2x12-15) 2x15@ 27.5
D1 Wide Grip Shrug (3x8-10) 10-9-8@225
D2 Close Grip Shrug (3x8-10) 10-9-8@225
D3 Haney Shrug (3x8-10) 3x10@225
D4 Calf Machine Shrug (3x8-10) 3x10@270

Monday 6-29
A1 Front Squat (4x6-8) 4x8@165
A2 Good Morning (4x6-8) 4x8@115
B Leg Press (3x8-10) 3x10@450
C1 Leg Extension (3x12-15)3x14@100
C2 Leg Curl (3x12-15) 3x15@70
Standing Calf Raise 30/20/10
Seated Calf Raise 30/20/10
Tibia Flexes 30/20/10