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Oden Likely to Miss 07-08 Season

Unfortunate for him, the Trail Blazers, and its’ fans. Looks like they might have to wait one more year for G.O.


A year or more to get him back, and much more to get him decent. Even though he supposedly had little damage, the operation he had is the one everybody claims is toughest to recover from and takes the longest.

Chris Weber, Alan Houston never became their former selves.
Stoudemire took 2+ years and still missing the slight spring.
K-Mart the jury is out.
Jason Kidd took years to get it back but he finally did.

I think he would have benefitted from a slightly less intense uprbringing, he may have needed 2 or 3 years of college at this point but he would be built to last. At least he got his money.