Ode to Tampa Terry

This thread is dedicated to you. You are, by far, the most positive and helpful person on this forum. I’m simply amazed at how much time and energy you take to type out thoughtful and very helpful responses to newbies and experienced forumites alike over and over again.

I will never be nearly as helpful and as positive as you and I’m ok with that, that’s just how I am. You, on the other hand, have consistently shown your character through your posts and I just want to tip my hat off to you and show you my gratitude. I know many others on this board feel the same way. Cheers!

T-T is special…and would be an invaluble addition to anyones Forum…


So true. Tampa-Terry is a huge asset to this forum.

Tampa Terry? Who’s that? I have never seen a person with that name help anybody on this forum. I think that name is made up quite frankly. :wink:

I agree!

You know that age old question, if you could hang out with any person for a day, who would it be?-- I think TT would have to be on my list somewhere-- smart, deep, and just plain nice! Regards and thanks TT for all the great posts!

TampTerry is the best! And have you ever seen her grin? Beautiful!

Oh, boy. (sigh)

Thank you, randman (and everyone else, too!)

Food for thought, and I’ll quote Prisoner22 in one of his posts . . .

Each and every one of us have the opportunity to influence this forum now and for years to come.

In the overall scheme of things, what does a kind word really cost us?

Great post.!!!

Well Said and much deserved.

another huge thank you from yet another newbie :slight_smile:
you are the BOMB!

Wisdom is such a powerful thing. TT and P22 have it in spades.

TT !!!

I also think that PGA200X, Phill and some others contribute in a positive way to the forum. As do all who have posted on this thread so far.

On the other hand>I think that the people who have never trained and are not interested in training. Those who simply post in the off topic section to stir things up, need to be banned!

Tampa Terry is the bomb shizzle!
Fo’ rizzle!!!

Sorry, I just got done listenin to some Snopp DOGG!! Ahhhh yeeeaaaahhh!

Just wanted to concur that TT is truly a blessing to have here at T-Mag. I wish you the best, thanks for all your smarts! (grin)

ZEB. I’m with you man, those children are getting out of hand in those off-topic forums.

Post another pic TT…I agree with all of the above…

tampa terry=awesome

YES!!! TT is awesome. TT continually helps me on my massive eating diet. And who else gives page responses to simple questions. (very, very in depth.) THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

TT, another kiss you ass thread?

Just kidding TT, it’s Al, Im just messing around. Hey glad that your still being recognized for the quality individual that you are. TT and I go a long ways. She kept me boxing straight and on top of my game with perfect weight shape for over a year. Made my life so much easier with her always there and never enough attitude.

I will always be appreciative of TT.

I’ve never seen a pic of Tampa Terry. Very interested in seeing one…Is she hot :wink:

She helps me tons.

I meet TT in person down in Tampa Fl last year she’s a sweetheart. And YES she does look great.

Although, I am not attracted to women w/ short hair. Neverthless, she defintly is a freindly attractive female.

She is as friendly as she is imperson as she is online. I wish I could of have spent more time with her in Tampa, FL.

In Health,

Silas C.