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Ode to Iron

Hi guys, been a lurker for some months and I though I’d introduce myself by writing some lines to motivates those of you that are tempting to let the rust overtake the weights…

Nuthin’ fancy, just some ol’ poetry that is the result of a lack of carbs ; ) and a very long day at work

Here’s ya go, food for thought !

It’s him again
I’ve seem him in my dreams lately
This ghost that always seems to plague my nights and haunt my days

This dream that threatens to tip the scales
I have been here before, again and again on the shores of time
I know I have faced this before
I know I have no choice this time

This path I have started so long ago
This path I never thought would be so treacherous… so costly

Many times I swayed and let my eyes envy those away from the pain and the torment
The scorching pain of discipline, of severity to body, soul and mind eating at my sanity a

little more each day
Those endless hours of devotion without hope of gain
With only me to fight against, to force my shell to change
All around me whispers of surrender and conformity
With nothing but the dull solitary sound of metal to mark my progress

But there is no trophy I yearn
No title to make my name complete
I don’t live for an hour, an event or a year
I’ve lived the exaltation of triumph and the perils of defeat
I’ve seen this shell break and grow under my will

Each time I sensed letting go of it all I found my path was still going forward
Steps of steel with balls of iron in my hands; my course was set and would not falter
A tower of iron will built from everlasting dedication
Resolve honed by the tons of steels it struggled day in, day out

I’ve pushed apathy into the night and kicked sloth with the morning mist
I’ve wrestled my fears with screams of devotion and drowned my doubts in crimson sweats
I’ve torned and teared each fiber of my body in search of atrophy
I’ve been dragged and beaten up by it but always I came back
I’ve dreamt those things I thought I couldn’t do before and awoke knowing them all to close

I know I’ve got limits, but those only I will impose
I know I cannot fail; I know there is but one outcome
As failing a life’s journey would be letting go of myself
To let go of the dream we each strive for
To let the ghost blur with each passing day away from it all

And this is a treachery worse than death,
Not because I’m too scared to fight

But because I know all too well
That if I let it eat at me while I still stand
That if I let it beat my today,
I won’t be able to wake it up
This passion that will sleep inside of me

  • The One Who Wonders

Keep Pumping !