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Oddly Allocated Body Fat


So a fellow I know has VERY strangely allocated bodyfat. He is about 5'7, I'd guess around 150 lb. His arms (forearms especially and upper arms too) are RIPPED to the bone, I'm talking veiny. I sport a six pack and my arms are nowhere near this ripped.

His calves are the same way...but he's got a mini-Buddha belly and bitch tits! He even has a VERY rounded chin/neck junction, not that square face look that people with low bodyfat have. People make fun of his chin behind his back, they call it a woodle.

Im pretty sure he hits the weights sometimes...but what's the deal with his bodyfat distribution? He sure as hell isnt very healthy, smokes cigs and drinks almost daily. Is he someone with "good" genetics for bodybuilding who has fucked up with all the cigs and alcohol/drugs? Is he on roids and doesnt work out right? Or is there some other decent explanation for why he has sub-5% bodyfat everywhere but his face and torso?

Just curious


I wish I had as much free time as you do, mate :slightly_smiling:


Sounds like he may have lipodystrophy.

This is caused mainly by HIV infection and/or the medication that treats it.

Google it.



I recall reading an article by Don Alessi regarding correlations for certain hormones and where a person stores their fat. Perhaps this could be the answer, at least to some degree.


How much time do you reckon that is?


Thanks, man, and also thanks to the other guy.

This was just random curiosity. I got to wondering how such "stubborn" fat deposits accumulate, and I knew it couldn't be healthy.

Kind of wish i hadnt google-img'd for lipodystrophy though.


i'm willing to bet it's the alcohol.

it tends to be absorbed most by tissue's in the stomach vicinity, the abdomen, because of its lipid solubility. hence the abdomen should be more pronouncely effected by chronic low level alcohol "abuse".


It's probably just his build and a beer belly. I saw a guy yesterday who from behind looked like a powerlifter and from the front looked like all he did was put back hot dogs and millers. He had the ripped arms, beer belly thing too.


Along with that, no one is shaped exactly like someone else. Unless he is showing clear signs of some sort of disease process, going around and labeling anyone who looks different as having some sort of disease is ridiculous. Some people just store fat in odd places. That is all there is to it.


Wow, that's incredibly interesting. I grew up in the Chelsea area of NYC which has a huge gay population. Huge in that there are many and also in that there are HUGE gay men as well. I honestly estimate the use of steroids in this demographic to be higher than any other area that I can possibly think of.

In any case, I often see these gay men who are ripped to the goddamn bone. I'm talking 4-6% bodyfat, no joke. They seem to have this condition of sunken eyes, jutting cheekbones, and yet they still have bellies. I thought that this may have been from growth hormone use but perhaps it is a result of the condition which you described.



I would blame Growth Hormone first.


What about a guy who stores body fat mostly in the hips/ass/thighs like a woman does?