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Odd Testicle Problem. Shouldn't They Be Shrinking

So iv benn on trt for like 6-7 months (İ have it all noted down in my calender dose and so). Sometimes 120mg but mostly 140mg and at times 200mg weekly
İ use pharmacy Sustanon 250. Besides this iv been on Deca 12 to 16 mg daily for the last 2-3 months. And also been taking 70 mg primabolan some weeks as add on.

My balls/testicles havent shrunl at all. İv swear by God they haven’t shrunk at all. How is this possible?

İ have like in the past tried, when i started trt like 7 months ago HCG for 1-2 week which ended in prostate pain, and pain while peeing. Also i got moody like a woman. This also happened 1 year ago when i was on trt for 2 months i tried HCG.

So my balls havent shrunk, whats up? İs this normal.

My prior medical history is a bit rare, and weird so this doent come to me as abnormal due to my body always has not been normal.


I’m not sure about normal, but it is not unusual. Some guys report no change in testicular size.

ok im glad to hear others have this as well. İ would like to hear from guys who have this.

I believe mine have shrunk a bit, but I don’t think most men would even notice it. Perhaps 20% over 2 years. That is tough to notice. They look completely normal. Some guys end up with almonds, some end up almost the same. Just individual.

Mine barely changed after a decade on AAS. Unicorns exist

Thats because your testicles were already in a low T, low production status. Shutdown wasnt too far down the line, hence no difference in size once shutdown was induced.

Atrophy was something my first doctor spent a lot of time making sure I understood, which I thought was funny because I didn’t care. Now at 8 months in, I might notice a little difference maybe but it’s much less than I anticipated. The whole issue is a big “meh” for me.

haha i like the unicorn thing

i guess thats one teory

yea i feel the same way. İ cannot use hcg, the benefits of testosterone outweigh the shrinkage thing.

Its not a theory. Its a fact. Your balls had already abandoned you and left the bed stuffed with pillows to make you think they were there, sleeping, waiting for the day you would need them. But you pulled the covers only to find out that you’ve been had. Balls said bye bye, and now you’re using a needle to live like king with the biggest balls in your kingdom. Who cares! Focus on your dick game now.

Mine have barley shrunk. If I have sex often they do seem smaller: but never have j looked and said wow I have small balls. Some have it worse than others.

Mine have shrunk LOADS. However I had robust testosterone to start with- but high SHBG making free t low.

I’ve been on TRT for 11 or 12 years and I haven’t seen any change in their size. Still the same sizes as they were when I became an adult many decades ago. It can be different for everyone, but my doc said that most don’t.

Agree, I’m on TRT going on 7 months. My balls are easily 40% smaller. I always felt they were bigger than needed. To me its nothing I care about. If they had worked properly I wouldn’t need TRT. My FSH was always high, telling my testicles to produce T. For a few years It turns out my testicles never got the message.

what about can you have children does it have a connection? İ mean does the ball whing have a connection to sterility