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Odd Soreness From OH Squats

OK I’ve been working out mostly isolation type exercises for the past 2 years. Sometimes I got to hit the gym 3 times a week, sometimes not even 1, other 5!!

Anyways about a month ago I started researching into lifting and compound lifts, especially in Dan John’s site, and I started doing them (awesome site by the way, www.danjohn.org) Now one thing I noticed is that the day/s after I do a lot of Overhead Squats, the area where the Quadriceps join the Hip Bone is sore. What’s that all about???

I’ve done back squats before, and leg presses (don’t do them anymore) and never had this happened.

Sounds like your hip flexors. OH squats require much more control than a lot of other movements you might do. Since your hip flexors are real crucial for core stabilization, and OH squats are highly compound, this could explain your soreness.

thxs man… and I think ur right.
I did some research real quick on the net and apparantly thats what it is.


As an Olympic Weightlifting coach I know what’s happening.

On the Over Head Squat exercise, it forces you to squat arse to grass and if you are not used to squating arse to grass you will feel it in the upper region of the hip flexor as your body sits more upright with a weight above your head.

Keep it up,