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Odd Situation/Injury


So since I can remember my right foot has been rotated outward by about 25 degrees (if my knees are pointing straight, only my left foot is pointing forward, my right foot is pointed out). It was never a problem (I'm 28), but I never did high weight in any major lifts (squat, deadlift), stuck to body weight to 1.25 times my bw. Recently I started pushing a lot harder in terms of volume and weight along with doing HIIT 3x/week. Coincidentally, started feeling some right leg pain/issues. Did some gait analysis with my chiropractor and reached out to a couple PT friends to try some things (start out with right foot rotated inward since it tends to externally rotate, also trying barefoot squats), but they were puzzled and had never seen anything like this before. Just wondering if anyone else has/had something like this and, if so, how they handled it.