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Odd Shoulder, Should I Be Worried?

I just got in from cutting some trees up. My chain saw would not start so I did what any T-Man would do and grabbed an ax.

After a couple hours my left shoulder felt stiff so I stretched it a bit than it felt fine.

Well I just noticed a small pointy bone sticking out of my shoulder about half way and above my collar bone. There is no pain and I have full ROM.

This is the same shoulder that I messed up in '07. My shoulders looked diffrent since that injury but this is new. It sticks out far enough to see it when I have a t-shirt on haha.

Should I be worried?

I’d be mildly concerned but it’s probably nothing to worry about. Chainsaws are fairly easy to maintain and repair.

Cheap to replace too if it comes to it.

[edit] sorry - had to!


The bump is kida bruised now. But there is still no pain.

Get it checked?

How did you mess up your shoulder in '07?

Umm, really hard to figure out what you’re talking about. I’d get it checked out or take a picture for us. The picture would probably just make us say “get it checked out.”

I do not have a way of getting a pic of it to post right now but there is still no pain of anything so I geuess it is ok, looks funny though.