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Odd Shoulder Pain


the day following my chest workout where I went pretty heavy on incline barbell pressing on a steep 45 degree angle, i have been experiencing pain in my left shoulder. if i move my shoulder up as if i were pressing i have no pain, external and internal rotations i have no pain, but when I pull back for a high rear delt row, i get pain in my front delt area really badly, any ideas?


is your biceps tendon sore? it can get impinged with overhead and incline work.

try speed's test: raise your arm palm upwards in front of your body so that it is parallel to the floor, then have someone push down on your hand while you resist. if it hurts, it is likely your biceps tendon.


?thanks for the help. it appears you are onto something. besides the typical rest any other advice to help heal quicker?


There isn't anything you can do that will dramatically increase the speed of healing, but while it is healing you can work on the muscles that will make impingement less likely in the future. Google shoulder impingement exercises for examples.


Foam roll your left it band and rectus. Make sure you relax and see how painful it is. I'm guessing very. Then retest your shoulder see if there is any improvement.