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Odd Reaction to Whey Protein

Hi folks,

I’ve tried both 100% gold and also Myprotein’ s own brand, blended in a shake with either water or milk. I get the same reaction.

It feels like it gets stuck in my chest. I think that this is indigestion, but it’s really strong. It’s physically painful. I try to drink water to shift it but it doesn’t do much. Eventually I’ll burp and it partially clears but it’s certainly not pleasant.

Any ideas of whether this is bad for me? Or, better yet, any ideas of a protein powder that won’t do this to me?!


That sounds like an allergic reaction.



I agree. It feels wrong. Like nothing else I’ve felt before. It’s physically painful.

I can drink milk without any problem, so don’t think it’s lactose intolerance.

Are there alternative whey powdered I can try? Or are there any alternative protein sources that are portable/convenient?

I get the exact same symptoms you describe, just not from protein powder. Gets hard to breathe, feel a need to burp but it doesn’t really solve it, chest is tight, etc. Huckleberry was the most recent thing to do it to me.

There are lots of protein powder alternatives out there, but none I can vouch for.

Yeah exactly that! Glad you get it. Is yours a definite allergy? I ask because it mine is probably the same thing as yours

I haven’t gotten it diagnosed, but when I take an antihistamine it stops, so I assume it’s an allergy. Exercise is bad for it too. I was eating huckleberry honey on toast pre-workout and by the time it was done I could barely breathe. Started taking the antihistamine in the middle of the workout before I decided I was being REALLY stupid and stopped eating the huckleberry.

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Yeah, whatever the benefits are of taking a particular form of protein, they can’t outweigh the damage of an allergic reaction…

Given I’ve had two “good” versions of why protein and both have hurt me, my working theory is that it’s a reaction to Whey. I think I’ll try a vegan protein powder. The only thing stopping me is I always see posts on this site that basically say “it’s not as simple as having protein because [insert obscure chemical] is more in XYZ proteins source so you’ll make zero gains if you eat that”. Ive added a bit of hyperbole but you get my meaning.

I would not worry about it. If you’re eating a well balanced diet in the first place, protein powder of any sort is not going to have that much of an effect anyway. It is mere convenience for the most part, certainly not an essential component for reaching your goals.

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