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Odd Question Regarding Weight Class


Hey folks, just looking for some guidance regarding losing weight to make a certain weight class. Currently I am sitting at 225 lbs with about 16% bf standing 5'10". I have been advised to bring my weight down to the 180-185 mark to make cutting weight to 170 lbs easier.

My question is this. Is 5'10 too short to fight at 185 (which means I could walk around at 195) ?

If I should fight at 170 lbs how can I lose muscle size without risking my health too much ?

Thanks for your input.


No 5 10 is not to short.
Just focus on leaning out, your natural weight is your natural weight.


stick to welter.

Most MMA MW champs have 70+" reach. Unless you favor the ground game, or you're a real scrappy striker (good chin, not afraid to get in someone's grill, excellent footwork, great head movement) guys are gonna pick you apart from a distance. A.Silva has a 77" reach.

If you are really 16%, you dont have too many #'s that you can lose. 225@16%=36#'s of BF. GRADUALLY taper off the cals, and protein. Maybe a 200-300cal/day deficit. Might wanna get with someone way smarter than me to give you advise there.

If I were you, welter (170# area) is where I'd set my target. Good job being 225@16%, but there's no way to fight in the '70's without losing lean mass. Most MW's walk around 200-210, which you're already at so fighting MW isnt a horrible idea. I dont know what your skills are, but you'd rely more on technique at 185 than you would at 170. You'd out-muscle people at 170 with technique being equal I think.

If you're fighting ammy, dont worry about it too much. If its a pro fight, then take it very seriously, especially in your nutrition. But hey, its your fight record.


doubtful you are 225 @ 16% and want to get to 185.


yeah, i'd say that's true, but there are always exceptions.

i'd suggest working your way down in weight, and fighting at 185 a few times and see what you think....