Odd Possibly Dangerous Leg Pain

I have anterior pelvic tilt and from that oddly ‘shaped’ legs and I have been doing rehabilitation to try and fix my posture with foam rolling, stretching and strengthening exercises and I have made fairly good progress with all of my posture issues but the pelvic tilt, not so much.

As I was walking yesterday I was trying to do the usual raise foot up and walk while activating glutes instead of treading like a sloth and I was getting this sharp nerve like pain starting from my hip flexor and into my quadricep and outer knee/IT Band area.

I was wondering what this may be? could it possibly be that my pelvic tilt has increased even further?

If it stays an isolated case i would not worry. Your body is realigning so unusual feelings are somewhat normal.


I would find ans consult an Fms expert to screen and help you with your journey www.functionalmovementsystems.com