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Odd Pop Up in Comment Posting Section


Ive attached the two photos of what came up, and I also had one come up only just a few moments ago which is odd considering the amount of times ive commented in certain threads.

Not so much the amount of times ive spoken in that thread, but it also came up with a link to click to PM, which I understand hasnt been around on these forums in years.

I also had one come up before saying Ive liked too many posts for the day, which hasnt happened before.

No problemo, might be of use for the programming moderators to edit these pop ups


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I been having notification of the system removing quotes from random post.


Was literally just going through your log when @ChickenLittle tagged me, liked both the posts and the notifications popped up again saying that i cant like posts again for 24 hours…


Something is wonky at the moment it seems.


Yeah I’ve been getting the system edits too, for year old posts.


It just edited mine by removing the quote. I was quoting the response right above mine though. I think it removed it because I was replying to the most recent post.


Yeah, that’s likely a hiccup in the system and some kind of automated response. We’ll double-check.

That should only happen after, like, 75 likes. So… way to be positive. :smile:


And yeah, the system is catching itself up with an update that doesn’t allow quoting whole posts as a reply. I’ve had some of those edit alerts on old posts too.

It’s intended to cut down on walls of text, since it’s rare to need an entire quote in a reply. The flipside that computers don’t recognize is when the “entire post” is just a sentence or two, so it’s treated the same.


Is that over a 24 hour period? Jeez I didnt realise I was so boisterous :man_facepalming:t2::joy:


Yeah thats what I am seeing