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Odd PCT Situation

I’m going to make this short as short and to the point as possible. Skip below my cycle overview for the PCT related question. I’m 18 years old, 215 (Started 195, ended at 220.) coming off a cycle of Test E 250. Before you say anything yes, I know I’m young, not a smart choice, I don’t plan on running again in the near future. My cycle went as follows:
Week one: 1st shot 2CC 2nd 1CC
Weeks 2-6: 1CC per shot twice a week (500mg Test E per week.)
Weeks 7&8: 2CC per shot twice a week (1000mg Test E per week.)
So here comes the interesting part… It has been 13 days since my last shot and I’m ready to take my PCT tomorrow, but I have an odd situation that makes me feel like I might want to take it easy on the PCT. First off my testes are already back to about 90%, second my sex drive is way up already (MW is most definitely there.). My workouts haven’t been the greatest but are getting a lot better. All this said should I take my PCT a bit lighter? I was planning on a 40,40,20,20. Should I just for 20x4? I’m thinking possibly due to my age my body has already begun recovering and I don’t want to go hard on the PCT if I don’t need to. Do you guys have any thoughts on this? Should I take it easy or just follow standard protocol?
Any advice is welcome!
(Side Note: I’ve been taking a cycle support -I am unsure if we can use names here- the entire time, as well as a ZMA… Maybe the extra Zinc helped?)

Run your pct as planned. There’s very little risk from Nolva at 40mgs vs 20mgs. Run it 40/40/20/20 as you planned. That’s a tried and true pct and it makes you more likely to fully recover and not have to go back and try again. There are about a dozen threads from the last six months that are about guys having to redo their pct because they didn’t do it properly. You don’t want to be one of those guys a month from now.

Also, here’s the obligatory browbeating…

A short list of things you did they are not smart:

-You ran a gram of test at age 18
-Your dosages were all goofy and inconsistent
-You only ran it for eight weeks

The reason you are experiencing good workouts is because you have just gotten to the real sweet spot for an enanthate cycle.
Now your last two weeks you ran a gram of test. With enanthate the half life is about 10 days, so 10 days after your LAST shot you still have 250mgs left in your body. Then you add in what is left from your second to last shot then third to last and so on. Basically you still have Supra physiological levels of test being released from the ester inside your body.

You absolutely need to run PCT. Since you went SO high at the end you might want to wait another week to start.

It takes five half lives for a estered hormone to go terminal or be so low that it is no longer a viable level to effect anything. DO NOT wait five half lives from last shot. You want to get your body on the road to recovery as those synthetic hormones are clearing so natural production can come up as synthetic release is lowering.

You stated “MW is most definitely there”. I am old have grey hairs coming in and deal with a 15 year old step son on a daily basis…what the fuck is "MW?"
Every other day your generation has a new abbreviation and I can’t keep up.

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I believe he is referring to ‘morning wood’ and is too shy to simply use the word ‘erection’.

Great information man, thank you! You seem to be extremely knowledgeable on the subject, where did you find all this out? Any books you’d recommend? I want to know about 100x more about this stuff before I cycle again (Which won’t be for a few years so I have the time.) Also MW meant morning wood… I saw another post where somebody used that abbreviation so I thought it was commonplace, apologies.

Thanks for the tip, I’m running the PCT as planned… Nolva is well, disgusting. Have you heard of people mixing it into drinks before? Will is hurt the potency of the Nolva? I tried mixing mine with Gatorade to make it taste a bit better but just had that afterthought. I read a post where a guy reccomended orange juice but I feel like the acidity of OJ wouldn’t be a good thing. Any thoughts?

Gatorade is fine. Or go get a little Mio water flavoring pack and use that. That stuff is ultra concentrated so it might be enough to overpower whatever solvent the brewer used.