Odd Pain in Rectum After Heavy Lifting

The day after I do my heavy day (squats bench deads) I have an odd pain in my rectum area…it’s like a slight stabbing pain I feel come and go when I am driving etc. It’s definitely in the lower area of my rectum.

I am 42, 267 pounds, 31% bodyfat (it’s going down!).

My guess is an internal hemmroid perhaps? Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

My form isn’t perfect, but it’s acceptable I believe. The only injury I have is an external hemmroid for bearing down during squats (guessing). Thinking I may have developed an internal one at the same time, but never treated it.

Thanks in advance.

I’d get this checked out by a doctor. Perhaps get a colonoscopy?

For something like this, definitely go to a doctor. Most things shouldn’t be diagnosed over the internet and this is one of them.

It’s probably hemorrhoids but you never know. It’s worth checking out.

I had hemorrhoids when I was 40. My doctor told me to get more fiber. They have never come back and I’m 51.

See Dr. Take it easy. I had them damn hemmorhoids and when they start to hurt, the pain is bad. You don’t want that. My rectum pain came on suddenly and left a long month later, just as suddenly.

Hemmorhoid pain is a bit more severe than a slight stabbing pain. Definitely, get checked by a doc to make sure it’s nothing serious. I went to see my GP about my problem but he wouldn’t even look at it and told me to go see a specialist.