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Odd Mattress Smell


I got a mattress, brand new, almost exaclty a year ago. I noticed earlier this summer that there was this odd smell, almost like mildew, but not exactly like mildew. The mattress/box spring never got wet so I don't know why it would be mildew. I looked them both over and I didn't see any dark spots that look like mildew. It's very consistent throughout the whole box spring (slightly stronger than the mattress smells). I sprayed it with bleach water (then dried it) and then sprayed it with tilex. To me it seems like it may be the material that they made it out of cause it's all over and it doesn't smell EXACTLY like mildew. Anyone ever run into anything like this?


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And Iron Dwarf, no night sweats, the smell is more pronounced on the box spring.


Where do you live? Is it somewhere humid? Is the box spring directly on the floor or is it raised on a bed frame? Do you sleep on the ground floor, second floor, or basement? Is this more pronounced during summer or winter or does it not matter? I guess what I'm trying to get at is, could it be humidity being gathered, trapped or generated by various conditions that could be producing a mildew'ey smell? If it's inside the box spring, you may not notice any evidence of it on the outside.


2nd floor minnesota, it's on a frame ~7inches off the floor. I just got A/C about half way through the summer. It gets world-class muggy here, so what you said could be a possibility. I'm going to have to investigate it. Like I said I only noticed it earlier on in the summer and the mattress is not even a year old.


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Some types of plastic and other synthetic materials have that smell. Heat can activate the gassing of certain plastics.

We once bought a new shower curtain liner and it smelled like mold right out of the package.

Maybe there's some synthetic material in your box spring that's giving off that smell.



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