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Odd Lifting Maxes?


It has been suggested to me that my stat are disproportional. First of all, would you say this is true? Second, is this a real problem?

1RM Stats:
Bench - 140lbs
Front Squat - 180lbs [Back Squat - 215lbs? (Haven't tested it recently)]
Deadlift - 325lbs

Me: Female, 5'6, 176lbs
Experience: Been lifting on and off for two years. Past 5 months have been consistent though.
Diet: Calories intake is at or below maintenance most of the time. Low-ish carbs (25-80g)



25-80 isn't just low-ish IMO, but if you're making progress...

Yeah, they might seem a tad disproportionate, maybe you have long arms or something. But just focus on getting them all up. I'd back squat a bit more.


nice deads !


How so? You are a female so a poor bench is to be expected. Females also have a tendency to develop their posterior chain to a greater extent than their anterior chain so a good DL isn't all that surprising. I'd say no, you don't have any problems. Just keep lifting.