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Odd Feats of Strength


Anyone ever moved any vending machines or torn any phone books in half (just to name a few)?



I've torn the phone book in half. I think that's about it.


It's actually an old carnie trick that doesn't require great strength but rather a certain technique.


Yeah, it's all technique, but I do it a different way than the above video. My co-worker showed us how to do it during a slow night at work. I like my co-workers method better. I can tear through the spine doing it the other way; that would be starting the tear at the spine.

Edit: I was going to record it and post it, but my wife already threw out the old phone book. :frowning: I'll see if I can find an old one around the office.


Ive moved a smart fortwo onto a sidewalk to make space for myself to park.


I ripped a stop sign out of the ground once.....


I had sex with a morbidly obese women


there is a technique involved with tearing phone books (especially the tiny one in the video) but thicker ones 1800 pages plus definately take wrist and hand strength. if you dont think so, i challenge you to technique a 1800+ page phone book. i can do them all


i tip my hat to you sir.


Im SO CLOSE to picking up the Thomas Inch DB. I got one side of it off the ground at this years Arnold Classic, I got to play with it backstage at the Strongman finals after the strongmen got done practicing with it, yes, Im a lucky mofo.


i once carried 34 bricks 200 yards in a race

edit - lol just looked up record and its over 300 kilos worth. I think i couldve done more, but i couldnt see


I made the front page of our local paper for my Weighted pull-up total world record, 402 lbs total weight pulled.



I love doing weighted chin ups/pull ups as well. I weigh about 145-150 lbs and I can put 90 lbs - 100 lbs on me and pump out 4-5 reps with ease so maybe I'll break you're record one day haha

But to be honest, no disrespect here at all, the pull up you performed in the link above was not done with full ROM. You kind of flipped your chin up at an angle and your chest is a good 6-8" below the bar. I personally pull myself up to just above the nips.

  • With that being said though, you could load more weight onto yourself if you used a supinated grip (chins).


Thats a really good Percentage, pull-up can be done just about anyway when your training and they should be.

For the world record your chin just has to clear the bar. its like that for all pull-up records. some could say full rom is when the bar is level with your navel,
where does it end before it becomes a muscle up.

It's listed by Dale Harder

My other Personal Records

Max Pull up Reps: 34
Max Reps w/+45lbs: 21
Max Reps w/+100lbs: 12
Max Reps w/+150lbs: 4
Max Reps w/+200lbs: 1
100 Pull ups in 8:25


34 is impressive at around 200lbs BW. The 12 reps with 100lbs is also very impressive.

I am about to do an odd variation on weighted pullups, I will try to post the video on this thread if you are interested. Have you ever tried using towels on the bar for grip strength? I don't have a dip belt (just ordered one) at my house so my equipment will be a 20lb vest...and a 35 lb dumbbell ill have to hold between my legs. But I am going to try to rep out and post it.


Thanks, never had a problem with grip strength.
I have though about buying manta rope so I can try doing pullups holding on to two ropes.
Definitly post a video, what kind of dip belt did you buy?
I have a spud Inc one its great.


Alpha has a video of himself strapping on 205lbs and doing 2 reps on the pullup. The video is a year old now. I wonder how much he's up to now. He also has a video of 270lbs in dips.


Have u tried a one arm pull up? Its sumthin I'm striving for. Didn't see u mention it in ur PR's. Wondered if u have even attempted it? There are progression to reaching it in a book I Read called combat conditioning u shood chek it out.


I have a video of me doing 2 with my right and one with my left form is sloppy, I also have a more recent video one with my left and right, form was much better.


His videos are very impressive. For it to count for a World Record Pull-up he just has to change his grip to over hand and increase the ROM. He might not have a problem doing that.