Odd Discomfort in Mid-Back Near Base of Lat

So if I’m sitting in a chair and rotate my torso as far to the left as I can, I get this discomfort at a specific point near what feels like the very low end of my lat, about halfway down my back, and towards the outside, near my side/flank almost. If I get up after sitting for a while and make that same rotation I get the discomfort as well, and also if I just lean my torso to my left, again after sitting for a while. It almost feels like a dull irritation or squishing.

When I’m rotated as described above, I can reach behind myself and find the exact point and if I put a lot of pressure on it with a finger and just hold it the pain intensifies. But then afterward it’ll feel better. When I get up in the morning it’s not present when I rotate or lean as described above, and I don’t get it if I’ve been walking around for a while. I also don’t experience any pain when doing any sort of pullup/row/deadlift/etc. which leads me to believe it’s not a muscle issue, but rather a tendon irritation or something that is only activated when I’m rotated in a specific manner after pressure builds on it from sitting.

Any thoughts? It’s not really a huge issue since it’s only in those specific situations, but still I like to stay on top of these things. It’s been like this for 4 weeks; it’s not getting any worse.