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Odd Diet Questions


My diet has been clean for about 2 months now. I had two cheat meals since. One day was some pizza the other day I had some cookies at work. I got sick from both.

Is it normal to get sick from junk food when you completely change your diet?

I actually like heath food now so staying away from junk food is easy even if it didn't make me sick.

How much will HOT-ROX and Flameout help? I've been trying to take them everyday but I hate taking pills so some days I go with out either.

Another question if you don't mind.

My scale says 24% body fat. I started at 30 so I am making progress, just slow. When I lift I can start to see the vein than runs over the bicept. At what percent BF does that vein "pop" I thought I read 15%



Lol. First off go read the "I'm a beginner" thread in the beginners section.

Yes it's possible.

If you're going to bother to take them don't skip doses. They will help if you have everything dialed in correctly.

Don't put too much stock in those electro-impedance bodyfat scales. They aren't very accurate. Of course in your case they are fine to track progress.

That is highly individual. BF% is typically assumed to be overall %, so for some having a lower bodyfat in their arms is possible long before the rest of them catch up. I've seen guys at 30% BF with visible veins in their arms, but their gut sticks out far enough they can't see their feet. There are no hard or fast numbers.


Put a tourniquet around your elbow and one just below your shoulder and that vein will pop just fine. Then you won't have to wait =]