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Odd Dbol Question: No Water Gains


This is my first time bring Dbol into a cycle, I stick with test or decca and winstrol for most cycles I have done. I have done all the research on Dbol and know all the side effects and the big water gains.

The question is I am getting ripped while on it,getting good gains and major increases in strength but no water on my body, my face is a tiny bit puffy but nothing that anyone would notice but me. I have the other sides etc..breaking out and such but no water its made me much more vascular as well.

I am taking blue hearts(10mg) doing 40mg a day 5 hours between each dose as well, also on this cycle is Test E to date I am 10 days into the cycle and up about 6 pounds and dropped from 8% to 7% BF. Any help on this would be great I am just lost why no water gains. Thanks


You are just 10 days in, and up 6lbs.. and you are saying you have gained no water?

Think again! :wink:


well that did not answer anything, not sure why you even posted anything, ready here are the facts again.
6 pounds gained lost over 1% of body fat 1.5% to be exact, my gains have been dry and show it as well, as well as more ripped do to the lower body fat. In most Dbol cycles body fat will increase not decrease. LBM gains are veryy rare and a never on Dbol, my question is why, has anyone ever come across this before. I have heard everything from the Pharm grad Dbol causes less water gains? to its how you train.


You sound foolish.

Why do you think your dbol is responsible for the increase in body fat in previous cycles? That doesn't make sense. It was your diet, plain and simple. You are speaking in general terms but I assume you are talking from personal experience. If not, you are claiming that it is normal for people using dbol to increase their bodyfat %, which is certainly not the case with anyone who knows what he is doing in the kitchen. I have actually never heard of a bodybuilder increase their bodyfat % while on a cycle. Fat is gained, of course, but muscle is gained at a much faster rate so unless the person is in contest shape at the beginning of a cycle it is unlikely that there will be an increase in bodyfat% in a well planned cycle (training and diet included).

As for your change in body composition. It sounds entirely plausible. If you are not in competition shape to begin with losing 1% in ten days in not difficult. And depending on how much you currently weigh, the 6 pound increase can account for the drop in bodyfat PERCENTAGE. LBM is everything besides fat mass so the water you gained is not factored into bodyfat%

However, you did NOT gain 6 pounds of muscle in 10 days. Protein synthesis takes longer than that. Some muscle, some water, more glycogen in the muscle cells are responsible for the 6 pound scale increase.

Water retention, in many cases, is attributed to an increase in estrogen and dietary practices. Keep both in check and there shouldn't be a huge amount of water retention.

And finally





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